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Nice Way to Set Function Defaults » Loren on the Art of MATLAB - MATLAB & Simulink
function y = somefun2(a,b,opt1,opt2,opt3)
% Some function with 2 required inputs, 3 optional.

% Check number of inputs.
if nargin > 5
error('myfuns:somefun2:TooManyInputs', ...
'requires at most 3 optional inputs');

% Fill in unset optional values.
switch nargin
case 2
opt1 = eps;
opt2 = 17;
opt3 = @magic;
case 3
opt2 = 17;
opt3 = @magic;
case 4
opt3 = @magic;
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10 weeks ago by ferran
Iona Italia on Twitter: "This is why it's a great idea to ASK people what they mean by "intersectionality" (or any other term you are arguing about). I am against it too—as a political strategy & as a philosophy. And obviously I know that you can be bot
This is why it's a great idea to ASK people what they mean by "intersectionality" (or any other term you are arguing about). I am against it too—as a political strategy & as a philosophy. And obviously I know that you can be both black & a woman. To find out why, just ask!

This is a classic motte-and-bailey technique. You pretend that you mean some completely banal truism with which everyone agrees. But actually you don't. You don't just think a person can be "both black & a woman." You believe there are consequences that arise from that,

hierarchies of value; special knowledges (only a black person can talk about x; stay in your lane etc.); things you can assume about a person based on their membership in particular groups; and that these group identities are more important than material circumstances & should be

our political focus, rather than primarily alleviating financial hardships. Your argument is "You can be both a woman and black. Now, given that you can be both a woman & black, these conclusions follow..." It's the CONCLUSIONS you draw people disagree with, not the facts.

If your argument is that people who disagree with you, even if they have PhDs, have spent years studying these topics, etc. do so because "hurr durr I'm smart and you're dumb," you lack humility. And a lack of epistemic humility is one of the reasons I oppose intersectionality.

Yes, you can strawman this & pretend that only white people disagree (completely ignoring people of colour who dissent), that only the dumb disagree (ignoring dissenting intellectuals) or only right wingers (ignoring liberals) etc. But that is wilful blindness & hubris.

And, in itself, this is an attitude typical of many (not all) who promote intersectional thinking: to caricature in both directions. Both: "you're a black woman, you must think x," & "you think x, you must not be a 'proper' black woman" (assert whatever category you like).
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march 2019 by bbrown
Carnism Debunked
"Humanely slaughtering the arguments for animal exploitation"
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march 2019 by chrisbuchholz

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