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Pando: A brief history of American gun nuts
the money quote:
Second Amendment cultists truly believe that guns are political power. That guns in fact are the only source of political power. That’s why, despite loving guns, and despite being so right-wing, they betray such a paranoid fear and hatred of armed agents of the government (minus Border Guards, they all tend to love our Border Guards). If you think guns, rather than concentrated wealth, equals political power, then you’d resent government power far more than you’d resent billionaires’ power or corporations’ hyper-concentrated wealth/power, because government will always have more and bigger guns. In fact you’d see pro-gun, anti-government billionaires like the Kochs as your natural political allies in your gun-centric notion of political struggle against the concentrated gun power of government.

How very convenient that works out to be.
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4 hours ago by kmt
The Cambridge Analytica Con | Yasha Levine
But this story is being covered and framed in a misleading way. So far, much of the mainstream coverage, driven by the Times and Guardian reports, looks at Cambridge Analytica in isolation—almost entirely outside of any historical or political context. This makes it seem to readers unfamiliar with the long history of the struggle for control of the digital sphere as if the main problem is that the bad actors at Cambridge Analytica crossed the transmission wires of Facebook in the Promethean manner of Victor Frankenstein—taking what were normally respectable, scientific data protocols and perverting them to serve the diabolical aim of reanimating the decomposing lump of political flesh known as Donald Trump.
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4 hours ago by kmt
Steven Pinker on genes and the Ashkenazi Jewish population | The New Republic
Many Jews subscribe to a folk theory that attributes Jewish intelligence to what would have to be the weirdest example of sexual selection in the living world: that for generations in the shtetl, the brightest yeshiva boy was betrothed to the daughter of the richest man, thereby favoring the genes, if such genes there are, for Talmudic pilpul.
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4 days ago by kmt
Primary Deposits: Steven Pinker and archaeology
Crow Creek, South Dakota. This is a notorious site. It is a mass grave, the remains of a massacre. Using this site as just automatically representative of prehistoric mortality is senseless, especially when your sample is already small and biased. There are no mass graves from Europe in the 20th century? What would Pinker’s state-level death rates look like if he used cemetery data (as he should have)?

Vedbaek, Denmark, and Boggebakken, Denmark. This is bad. Unless there are two Mesolithic sites with 17 burials in Vedbaek, these are the same site. Keeley calls it Vedbaek; Bowles calls it Boggebakken. The site is sometimes called Vedbaek-Boggebakken (e.g., Jochim 2011:127). If these are the same site (as they certainly seem to be), this is probably the most egregious error in Pinker’s data. The rest of the errors can be attributed to lack of understanding of the evidence and appropriate methods. But, this, THIS, is sheer laziness. He made no effort to clean his data.
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5 days ago by kmt
The Tyranny of Metrics - Text Patterns - The New Atlantis
Concrete interests of power, money, and status are at stake. Metric fixation leads to a diversion of resources away from frontline producers toward managers, administrators, and those who gather and manipulate data.

When metrics are used by managers as a tool to control professionals, it often creates a tension between the managers who seek to measure and reward performance, and the ethos of the professionals (doctors, nurses, policemen, teachers, professors, etc.). The professional ethos is based on mastery of a body of specialized knowledge acquired through an extended process of education and training; autonomy and control over work; an identification with one’s professional group and a sense of responsibility toward colleagues; a high valuation of intrinsic rewards; and a commitment to the interests of clients above considerations of cost. 
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5 days ago by kmt
You need 16 times the sample size to estimate an interaction than to estimate a main effect - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
In causal inference, it is often important to study varying treatment effects: for example, a treatment could be more effective for men than for women, or for healthy than for unhealthy patients. Suppose a study is designed to have 80% power to detect a main effect at a 95% confidence level. Further suppose that interactions of interest are half the size of main effects. What is its power for detecting an interaction, comparing men to women (say) in a study that is half men and half women? Suppose 1000 studies of this size are performed. How many of the studies would you expect to report a statistically significant interaction? Of these, what is the expectation of the ratio of estimated effect size to actual effect size?
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6 days ago by kmt
Online/offline continuous integration : Inside 245-5D
We have entered this discussion under the assumption that reproducibility is our terminal value. But it's not: it's the mechanism by which we can achieve other goals. In the setting of continuous integration, what we really care about is a system that gives us signal about whether or not a given change set is correct or breaks things. A non-reproducible build interferes with this goal only in the sense that's its harder to tell if a change set has broken things if some random dependency has self-updated itself and broken your build. If this happens, you are blocked: you won't get clean signal until you fix the dependency problem. Broken window theory demands you drop everything and fix the build.

Clearly, we don't care if our dependencies are getting silently upgraded as development proceeds; in fact, we might prefer it, because "automatic" is less friction than "manual", at least when it works. What we do care about is the ability to block the upgrade if it is known to break us or revert the upgrade if we find out later that it caused some breakage.
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8 days ago by kmt
Primary Deposits: Steven Pinker and archaeology
This is my second post on Steven Pinker’s Better Angels of Our Nature (the first is here). This book is such a steaming pile, I need to vent but really don't want to spend time on it. So I am going to end this particular foray into the colonial mindset and finish up on Chapter 2, which is the main archaeological and anthropological section.
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9 days ago by kmt
The Nordic Myths That Never Seem to Die – People's Policy Project
All conservatives writing in this genre reach the conclusion that the Nordics prove that capitalism is good and socialism is bad, but they cannot decide among themselves whether the Nordics are a positive example of capitalism or a negative example of socialism. Geraghty’s piece falls into the latter category, though frankly that seems to be out of step with the conservative trend on the subject these days.
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10 days ago by kmt
Peace as Armageddon | Tim Shorrock
The real story here is that too many liberals and too many journalists simply can’t accept the idea that the two Koreas may have accomplished this feat on their own, without the sober adult guidance of the American intelligensia. An independent Korea? A South Korean president driving American foreign policy? As the past several news cycles have shown in embarrassing detail, such things are simply unthinkable to the wised-up U.S. pundit caste.
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10 days ago by kmt
Literate DevOps
Maintaining servers falls into two phases:

Bang head until server works
Capture effort into some automation tool like Puppet or Chef.
Recently, I’ve been playing around with making the first phase closer to the second. For lack of a better word, I’m calling it literate devops.
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12 days ago by kmt
Mythical Retention Data & The Corrupted Cone – Work-Learning Research
I include these two examples to make two points. First, note how one person clearly stole from the other one. Second, note how sloppy these fabricators are. They include a Confucius quote that directly contradicts what the numbers say. On the left side of the visuals, Confucius is purported to say that hearing is better than seeing, while the numbers on the right of the visuals say that seeing is better than hearing. And, by the way, Confucius did not actually say what he is being alleged to have said! What seems clear from looking at these and other examples is that people don’t do their due diligence—their ends seems to justify their means—and they are damn sloppy, suggesting that they don’t think their audiences will examine their arguments closely.
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12 days ago by kmt

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