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Buenos Aires. No se quien lo hizo pero vale la pena mostrarlo
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13 days ago by csabatino
Argentina: Financial Sector Assessment Program-Financial Safety Nets ... - Google Books
The documents related to the Financial Sector Assessment Program for the Republic of Argentina were completed in 2013. The reports were prepared by an IMF team in spring of 2013 and were discussed and finalized by the IMF’s Executive Board on July 12, 2013. The assessment and recommendations included herein reflect the views of IMF staff at that time and do not apply to developments occurred since then.
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18 days ago by colindocherty
Devaluación y programa monetario licuaron deuda en dólares del Central | El Cronista
Los pasivos remunerados de la entidad monetaria habían tocado los u$s 73.500 millones a fines de 2017. En un año, se redujeron a menos de un tercio, por debajo del nivel que tenían en la salida del cepo cambiario.
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19 days ago by colindocherty
Tarifas de gas: un costo extra de $ 9500 millones podría trasladarse a usuarios | El Cronista
El costo de financiamiento de las distribuidoras por achicar su plazo de pago a las productoras podría verse cargado en la nueva tarifa de gas a partir de abril. Serían $ 95 por mes en promedio.

Model a game based on this?
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23 days ago by colindocherty
The Falklands War revisited
Very interesting long review of two recent books about the 1982 conflict.
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24 days ago by nwlinks
Paulo Dybala: How the Argentine 'Gladiator' went from rough diamond to Juventus 'jewel' - BBC Sport
On the surface, Laguna Larga looks no different from any other small town in Argentina.
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25 days ago by ezequiel

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