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SparkFun MIDI Shield - DEV-12898 - SparkFun Electronics
The SparkFun MIDI Shield board gives your Arduino-based device access to the antiquated, but still widely used and well supported [MIDI communication proto
midi  electronics  arduino 
yesterday by dreikanter
Weather-Station-OS-Sensors/Weather-Station-OS-Sensors at master · robwlakes/Weather-Station-OS-Sensors
Weather Sensors, Tx & Rx for Arduino plus 433MHz . Contribute to robwlakes/Weather-Station-OS-Sensors development by creating an account on GitHub.
oregonscientific  rf  arduino  weather 
2 days ago by waako
"uLisp® is a version of the Lisp programming language specifically designed to run on microcontrollers with a limited amount of RAM. It currently supports the Arduino ATmega-based boards, Arduino ARM SAM/SAMD-based boards, Adafruit ARM SAMD51-based boards, BBC Micro Bit, ESP8266/ESP32-based boards, and MSP430-based LaunchPad boards. You can use exactly the same uLisp program, irrespective of the platform."
lisp  programming  electronics  diy  hardware  arduino 
4 days ago by gavin
DMX Shield for Arduino
ther fourth jumper allows you to enable or disable the shield, this is handy in case you use the USART to control the shield and want to update your software... now you only have to disable the shield by placing a single jumper and you are free to go.
dmx  arduino  shield 
4 days ago by garyleatherman
Real-Time 2G/3G/LTE Arduino GPS Tracker + IoT Dashboard - Arduino Project Hub
Learn how to make a powerful Arduino GPS tracker that posts data to the cloud via LTE CAT-M and view data graphically on IoT dashboards!.
gps  arduino  car 
5 days ago by waako

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