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World Magnetic Model Out-of-Cycle Release | News | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)
Earth’s northern magnetic pole is moving quickly away from the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia. This movement has forced NCEI’s scientists to update the World Magnetic Model (WMM) mid-cycle.
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RT : The Barents Sea may be at a tipping point, changing from climate to an Atlantuc climate as the water gets w…
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RT : It's been almost 7 years since sea extent has been above average

[April 2012; NSIDC data, compared with t…
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Hi, I'm the portal. You may know me from my greatest hits "I'm losing around 60,000 km2 of sea…
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RT : Standardized daily sea ice extent anomalies from 1 January 1979 through the end of 2018...

Data from the…
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RT : The New Year has started with unusually low sea ice at and record low at , according to
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Hamlet of Pond Inlet
A website for Municipality - Hamlet of Pond Inlet. Pond Inlet is situated in the Northern tip of Baffin Island. Locally known as Mittimatalik.
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