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Slarck - A place to keep your valuable conversations
Store your chat archives and get your entire conversation history back under your control, with powerful search and sharing features.
slack  archiving 
yesterday by onefewercar
TumblThree - A Tumblr Backup Application |
TumblThree is the code rewrite of TumblTwo, a free and open source Tumblr blog backup application, using C# with WPF and the MVVM pattern. It uses the Win Application Framework (WAF). It downloads photo, video, audio and text posts from a given tumblr blog.
backup  software  tools  tumblr  archiving 
2 days ago by bezthomas
If you’re curious about in the Spanish-speaking world: the latest issue of jour…
audiovisual  openaccess  archiving  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by verwinv
ArchiveTeam Warrior

Run an ArchiveTeam Warrior on your computer.

The ArchiveTeam Warrior is a virtual archiving appliance. You can run it to help with the ArchiveTeam archiving efforts. It will download sites and upload them to our archive — and it’s really easy to do!

The warrior is a virtual machine, so there is no risk to your computer. The warrior will only use your bandwidth and some of your disk space.

The warrior runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. You’ll need VirtualBox (recommended), VMware or a similar program to run the virtual machine.</blockquoteL
archiving  archiveteam 
5 days ago by xr
WAIL - Web Archiving Integration Layer; One-Click User Instigated Preservation
Web Archiving Integration Layer (WAIL) is a graphical user interface (GUI) atop multiple web archiving tools intended to be used as an easy way for anyone to preserve and replay web pages.
web  archive  archiving  web_archiving  application  software 
7 days ago by adrian.fita
Why You Should Never, Ever Use Quora –

Quora has:

No public API.
No backup or export tools.
Restricted access to answers without an account.
Blocked scrapers and unofficial APIs, and deleted questions related to scraping on their site.

What a, uhm, surprise.
quora  walled.gardens  web  internet  history  data.hoarding  archiving  internet.archive  rent.seeking 
7 days ago by po Archive Now (archivenow)
Archive Now (archivenow) currently is configured to push resources into six public web archives. You can easily add more archives by writing a new archive handler (e.g., and place it inside the folder "handlers".
open-source  cli  software  archiving  preservation  automation 
12 days ago by mikael
Saving the digital world
A growing proportion of global culture exists only online, presenting a challenge to those tasked with maintaining the historical record.
preservation  archiving  articles  work 
13 days ago by mikael
SaneBox Help - Sane Attachments via Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, or IBM Smart Cloud
Automatically filter your email of spam and unimportant messages to only see the emails that are important. SaneBox intelligently analyzes your emails and prioritizes them for you, saving you hours every day.
sanebox  email  filing  archiving 
17 days ago by onefewercar
Are there any search engines or internet archives which don't respect robots.txt? - Quora
"The rest I know - WebCite (,, - webpage capture ignore robots.txt"
internet  history-computer  archiving  seo  seo-robots.txt 
19 days ago by daguti
Webpage archive
A good replacement for Pinboard's sometimes-broken archive function. This saves a copy of a webpage in case it changes or gets taken down.

If you want to stop paying for Pinboard, you can get and augment its lack of archiving function by manually using this site to archive the pages you want to save.
internet  history-computer  archiving  tools  work-tools  companies-pinboard  alternatives 
19 days ago by daguti
Archiving web sites []
As it turns out, some sites are much harder to archive than others. This article goes through the process of archiving traditional web sites and shows how it falls short when confronted with the latest fashions in the single-page applications that are bloating the modern web.
articles  internet  archiving  scraping 
19 days ago by gmisra

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