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BBC Depth Finder
Newslabs have built a handy tool surfacing BBC News content that might have a longer shelf life than news stories and be good for finding explainers, features etc Please check it out and save as a bookmark. Content is only findable if journalists change the default news category in the tagging area in CPS content to features, analysis, explainer, factcheck, opinion, review so please ensure you do when necessary!
archives  tools  bbc  features  analysis  factcheck 
22 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Indigenous Archives Collective
Connecting people working with Indigenous knowledge sources in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums
indigenous  libraries  archives  museums  organizations 
5 days ago by jshhnn
Documenting the Now
Documenting the Now develops tools and builds community practices that support the ethical collection, use, and preservation of social media content.
archives  social  activism  community  organizations  tools  resources 
5 days ago by jshhnn
Dayanita Singh: File Museum
Ever since she left photojournalism behind, Dayanita Singh has wandered India, digging under the stereotype of a bustling, teeming nation to catalog absence. Few humans intrude into her luminous sodium nightscapes or deserted industrial sites, but in her new photographic installation File Museum, on view at Frith Street Gallery, London, until January 26, the sense of emptiness is more acute than ever. Archives are her subject. Not the digital-data sort growing in India’s gleaming technological hubs, but the crumbling, cavernous kind—windowless subterranean interiors crammed full of old paper.

Most of the 140 photographs on display show similar scenes: functional but rusty shelving units channel our vision to the point where darkness subsumes them, or where more shelves block our gaze. Files, sacks, trunks, and boxes contest for space. Cupboard doors are forced open by their contents. Shelves lean like dominoes under their loads. Empty chairs (the subject of an earlier series of Singh’s) come under siege from the piles surrounding them. Small patches of wall are only occasionally visible. At times, the floor is taken over with paper towers.
filing  archives  archive_art  India  photography 
5 days ago by shannon_mattern
Paper monuments to human effort
One thing I love about working on paper is that you literally end up with these gigantic piles of your effort. (Evidence of your days.) At some point, I started collecting photos of other people’s paper output.
writing  paper  work  archives 
5 days ago by madamim
Workshop: Poetry Publishers, Archives and the Digital Revolution
This one-day workshop will examine poetry publishers, focusing particularly on Carcanet Press. Founded in 1969 by Michael Schmidt and Peter Jones, Carcanet moved from Oxford to Manchester in 1972. The press went on to build a diverse list, including poetry in translation and by neglected women poets. Among the distinguished writers associated with Carcanet are Elizabeth Jennings, Ted Hughes and many others.

Contributions are invited from scholars, archivists, publishing industry professionals, biographers, and creative writers. Each participant will be asked to prepare a 15 minute paper addressing the theme of the workshop. Participants are encouraged to look towards the past, but also the future of poetry publishing in the digital age.
dh  workshop  archives  forlibrarians  forgrads  forfaculty  forstaff 
6 days ago by asandersgarcia
We Already Are – Sustainable Futures – Medium
We must refuse the rules of inclusion, and vocabularies of recognition and legitimacy that are meant to contain our histories. We should not echo articulations that we do not already exist in the archive. We are not marginal or other to the archive, but integral to it. We may be silenced or made invisible, but we have always been present.

Rather than set out to find or discover what has been lost, or made illegible to forms of whiteness, let us begin with the understanding that we have always been here — becoming.

That what, to some, are unofficial or oppositional archives hold the contour of our lived realities, our struggles to exist in landscapes only made possible by our premature death....

We should do our best to benefit and learn from the accumulated wisdom of the existing profession, but also refuse attempts at incorporation which will only further alienate our communities from themselves.
community_archives  archives 
8 days ago by shannon_mattern
Traces of a Revolution: In Search of the Palestinian Film Archive: Ingenta Connect
This paper analyzes two documentaries that examine the legacy of the Palestinian Film Unit: Azza El-Hassan’s Kings and Extras: Digging for a Palestinian Image (2004) and Off Frame AKA Revolution Until Victory by MohanadYaqubi (2015). Relying on recently found footage as well as interviews and personal accounts, the documentaries recount the importance of the collective’s archive and the impact it had on creating the image of the revolutionary Palestinian. I argue that rather than dwelling on the loss of a Palestinian image, the filmmakers move beyond the impulse to physically locate the archive, providing sites of regeneration that allow alternative narratives to emerge instead. Through the filmmakers’ dialectic disruption of their own attempt to restore the archive, both films pose highly complex questions about the meaning ofthe photographic image and its potential in effecting social or political change.
archives  films  palestine 
9 days ago by shannon_mattern

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