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Whose Knowledge |
We are a global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities (the majority of the world) on the internet.

3/4 of the online population of the world today comes from the global South – from Asia, from Africa, from Latin America. And nearly half those online are women. Yet most public knowledge online has so far been written by white men from Europe and North America.

To address this, we work particularly with women, people of color, LGBTQI communities, indigenous peoples and others from the global South to build and represent more of all of our own knowledge online.
indigenous  archives  epistemology 
3 days ago by shannon_mattern
Carrie Cuinn | Cake History Month 4: Palace Cakes from the city of Ur (Mesopotamia)
1 sila of butter, 1/3 sila of white cheese, 3 sila of first-quality dates, and 1/3 sila of raisins. – Recipe for “palace cakes” from records recovered during excavation of Ur
If I told you that a sila was a unit of measurement that equaled about 3 cups, would you know how to make a cake from this recipe? Chances are, if you mixed soft white cheese, butter, dates, and raisins, and then put that mixture into an oven to bake, the result would be a crispy goo of cheesy dried fruits, nothing resembling a cake at all.
history-is-a-feature-not-a-bug  recipes  archives  philosophy-in-practice  context  to-write-about  the-whole-objective-history-thing-in-a-nutshell 
4 days ago by Vaguery
Digital archiving: the seven pillars of metadata
blog  digital  archives  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by jottevanger
Born Digital @ Yale - Yale University Library Research Guides at Yale University
Welcome to Born Digital @ Yale, the home for resources and news on the selection, acquisition, description and access of born digital archival collections at Yale University.

The content for this guide is created and maintained by the Yale Born Digital Archives Working Group, whose main areas of focus this year are increasing awareness, developing policies, coordinating training, and reducing accessioning backlogs.
digitization  archiving  archives  digital_libraries  digital_curation 
10 days ago by kinofile
Open Language Archives Community
OLAC, the Open Language Archives Community, is an international partnership of institutions and individuals who are creating a worldwide virtual library of language resources by: (i) developing consensus on best current practice for the digital archiving of language resources, and (ii) developing a network of interoperating repositories and services for housing and accessing such resources.
archives  language  linguistics  metadata  database 
11 days ago by ross
Life Tags - Photographs classified by Machine Learning
With machine learning, we classified millions of images automatically into a catalogue format based on thousands of labels. For this project, we used Google’s Image Content-based Annotation (ICA) algorithm to generate labels based on image pixels. It is based on a deep neural network used in Google photo search that has been trained on millions of images and labels to recognize categories for labels and pictures.
ai  machinelearning  collections  archives  tagging 
11 days ago by danamuses

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