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Ordinary Numbers by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria
More than anything, Mike Taylor wanted to be ordinary. Being a genius, he learned early in life, meant people expected too much. A career at the MI6 Help Desk seemed the perfect way to guarantee a lifetime of obscurity, until he got a very unusual tech support call. 12ch. -- 44,168wds. Updated: 03/10/2013

[Bookmark notes: I don't even know how many times I've read this - can't believe I forgot to bookmark it here - definitely one of my top fandom favorites.]  fandom:JamesBond  Q/Bond  fanfic  AU  pre-slash  slash  pre-Skyfall  phone_call  Technology  HelpDesk  Banter  gifts  Pets  kitten  First_Meetings  Recovery/Healing  Misunderstandings/Miscommunications  humor  char(Bond):Q  char(Bond):Bond  char(Bond):Trevelyan  completed!  HaveRead  wds:40.000+ 
14 days ago by shibela
Who'd Suspect a Hufflepuff? - KenzieMa - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
After losing the war Hermione and Harry are left as two of the last alive. In a desperate bid for their survival they travel back in time to kill Tom Riddle before he makes his first horcrux. Using cunning and intelligence learned from their time at war they work to save the world before it has even begun to fall. Lucky for them, everyone overlooks the Hufflepuffs. 1ch. -- 10,207 wds. Updated: 11/26/2016  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  MainCharacterDeath  TimeTravel  family  adopt  Magic:Runes/Spells  Magical_Inheritance  Inheritance  Hufflepuff!Harry  Ravenclaw!Hermione  First_Meetings  politics  Grey!Harry  Grey!Hermione  Secret_Identity  Secret_Revealed  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
9 weeks ago by shibela
The Transfiguration Incident, Or Pettigrew's Problems - Kyra_Neko_Rei - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The lesson is transfiguring rats into teacups . . . only Ron Weasley's rat is actually an Animagus, which has dire consequences for the spell, for Peter Pettigrew, and for the Dark Lord's prospects for resurrection (and rather better consequences for Minerva McGonagall's reputation). Cross-posted (finally!) from Tumblr. 1ch. -- 1,942wds. Updated: 08/28/2016  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  char(HP):Minerva  char(HP):Pettigrew  char(HP):Ron  Magic:Runes/Spells  Transformation!Fic:Extra_Parts  Transformation!Fic:Other  animagus  Spells-gone-awry  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000+ 
11 weeks ago by shibela
Wind Shear by Chilord @FF.Net
A sharp and sudden change that can have devastating effects. When a Harry Potter that didn't follow the path of the Epilogue finds himself suddenly thrown into 1970, he settles into a muggle pub to enjoy a nice drink and figure out what he should do with the situation. Naturally, things don't work out the way he intended. 19ch. -- 126,280wds. Updated: 07/06/2017

**Also located at:

[While tagged for humor, it's not straight up total humor - there's a LOT of violence & gore, as was expected after reading the first chapter. Awesome read - this is definitely on my re-read list.]  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  Andromeda/Ted  HP/BL  OtherPairings  fanfic  AU  EWE?  Magic:Curses  TimeTravel  Stranded/Lost  BAMF!HP  family  First_Meetings  Other_Occupations  Training/Classes  Pining!Bellatrix  Banter  Personal_Epiphanies  humor  kidnap  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  torture  completed!  HaveRead  wds:125.000+ 
march 2019 by shibela
Music Beneath the Mountains - Lomonaaeren - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Little Harry Potter wanders away from the Dursleys’ home one day and is found by a goblin on a mission from Gringotts. Harry grows up in the goblin deeps.

2ch. -- 7,324wds. Updated: 12/06/2018  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  char(HP):Harry_Potter  goblins  Language_Issues  Training/Classes  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
january 2019 by shibela
Fruit of the Golden Tree - Lomonaaeren - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Thanks to the desperate actions of his wife, Fleamont Potter survived his dragonpox. Now he finds himself awake again in a world where all the members of his family are supposedly dead—except that the Potter family tree tells him that his grandson lives yet. Fleamont sets out on a search for his grandson, and then a quest to keep him safe once he’s found him.

3ch. -- 11,884wds. Updated: 11/29/2018

(Boomark note: This was awesome! )  fandom:HarryPotter  NoShip  fanfic  AU  Alive!Fleamont  Recovery/Healing  family  Magic:Runes/Spells  Vengeance  Magical_Protection  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
january 2019 by shibela
Stiles Stilinski: Vongola Sky - rei_c - Katekyou Hitman Reborn!, Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Series Starts off with:

Stiles' mother disappointed her family by renouncing her name and marrying into law enforcement. Stiles thought he'd never have a reason to talk to that side of the family, but then Gerard Argent tries to kill a couple of werewolves.

7works - 11,069wds. Updated: 01/14/2019

Bookmarker Notes: My tags are a little squiffy - description is there, but a bit skewed from their starting normal meaning - will have to adjust tags for Katekyo Hitman Reborn fics if continue reading in this fandom.  fandom:TeenWolf  crossover  fusion  fandom:KHR  NoShip  fanfic  AU  family  Magical_Inheritance  Sky!Stiles  bonds/soul_mates  Training/Classes  Meet_the_Parents/Family  s:Stiles_Stilinski:Vongola_Sky  WIP!  collection_oneshots  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
january 2019 by shibela
Cirrus Cloud by silenceia
In which you are Acacia Potter who becomes Skull de Mort and makes tons of awesome friends along the way. Almost completely angst-free, isn't that great? 2nd person POV, fem!Harry-is-Skull Chapters: 12 - Words: 35,930 - Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Also located:

[Note to readers: A bit OOC on Potter-front, but still a mostly hilarious read. Also, it is a WIP & might stay that way - still worth reading for the humor.]  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:KHR  NoShip  fanfic  AU  EWE?  GenderBender  Fem!Harry  Skull!Harry  Other_Occupations  First_Meetings  Secret_Identity  pranks  Secret_Revealed  humor  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:35.000+ 
december 2018 by shibela
Untitled by unknown author @ LJ Community - hobbit_kink
Bilbo gets exiled after the BotfA and returns to the Shire. Lobelia is protective of Bilbo and chewes the dwarves out for hurting him and daring to show their faces when they appear some time later. 21parts -- ??wds. Updated: 02/10/2013

Also titled "Beginning to be Protective" by outerealm, & posted at: - Updated: 12/24/2013 - 13,487wds.
archive:LJ  fandom:Hobbit  NoShip  Kili/Bilbo  Dwalin/LobeliaS-B  OtherPairings  fanfic  AU  slash  post-BoFA  char(Hobbit):LobeliaS-B  Protective!LobeliaS-B  BAMF!LobeliaS-B  family  Traditions/Rituals  food/baked_goods  Banter  road-trip  Future!Fic  humor  completed!  HaveRead  ??wds  wds:10.000+ 
april 2017 by shibela
GFY - hiddenlongings - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
I hope that we can all come to an agreement to treat this as either a drug induced nightmare or a collective hallucination.

1ch. -- 2,014wds. Updated: 12/03/2016  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  crossover  fandom:Dresden  NoShip  Dresden/Marcone  fanfic  AU  First_Meetings  OtherDimension  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:2.000+ 
january 2017 by shibela
Another Path: Sacrifices and Ghosts - LonelyGodsMuse - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Stiles ran through the woods dodging branches that seemed to leap out of the blackness of the night and leaping over fallen logs that appeared determined to trip her. Just a bit further-almost there. Crashing sounds from behind her-right on her tail. If she were to look behind her, she would undoubtedly see the red-black eyes of a dark witch. The same witch that slaughtered her pack one by one—saving Stiles for last."

Stiles is the last surviving member of the Hale Pack and is fighting to destroy the witch who decimated her pack. Stiles succeeds but dies in the process. Except she wakes up in the Hale House before Kate and the Hale House Fire takes place. She doesn't know how she got from dying in her present to being ten years in the past but she is determined to save her pack and the Hales--even if it kills her...again. 8ch. -- 39,616wds. Updated: 11/16/2016  fandom:TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  fanfic  AU  slash-but_not  Fem!Stiles  MainCharacterDeath  TimeTravel  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:35.000+  via:jenna_marianne 
december 2016 by shibela
He’s Not Paid Enough to Deal with This Shit - janonny - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
One of the first things John did was to write up step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a proper job interview before handing it over to Mycroft for his perusal. There were no kidnapping, deserted car parks or stolen therapy notes anywhere on that list.

(Or the one where John returned from the war and ended up working for Mycroft as his personal assistant slash doctor on retainer. Everything was fine, until he was sent to post bail for one Sherlock Holmes.) 1ch. -- 9,828wds. Updated: 01/07/2013  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Sherlock/Watson  fanfic  AU  slash  First_Meetings  Other_Occupations  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
december 2016 by shibela
there's a michael jackson song about this - Bundibird - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
[Post IM3 & CA2]

It starts out as a joke.

Rhodey takes one look at Tony and Harley tinkering with and squabbling over some piece of tech and demands, “Since when do you have a kid?” and Harley glances up and says casually, without missing a beat, “He impregnated my mom eleven years ago and then left her to raise me alone. He’s a terrible person.”

Tony’s going to be laughing about Rhodey’s expression for MONTHS.
1ch. -- 11,722wds. Updated: 01/13/2016  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  NoShip  fanfic  char(IM):Tony_Stark  char(IM):Harley  Keener  pranks  Babysitting  vacation  kidnap  Cuddling/Snuggling  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+ 
december 2016 by shibela
One Dollar Yoda by exclamation
Stiles is an unbonded spark, so he's been dealing with courting alphas since he was ten. It's gotten a lot worse since he turned sixteen. Some are assholes, some are nice, but Stiles hasn't wanted to spend the rest of his life bound to any of them.

When Derek Hale shows up at his school, Stiles expects him to be just another asshole alpha attempting to buy him with expensive gifts. But Derek Hale puts no effort whatsoever into his courtship gifts. Stiles ought to be offended but instead he finds it refreshing.

[Derek doesn't think he has a chance with an unbonded spark, but he owes it to his tiny pack (Erica, Boyd, Isaac) to try. Surprisingly it works.]  fandom:TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  fanfic  AU  slash  Courtship  completed!  HaveRead  wds:10.000+  NotShared 
december 2016 by shibela
MoD!Harry is Not Amused by The_Plot_Bunny_Whisperer & Gallons_of_the_Stuff
Or - The Various Times MoD!Harry Cleaned Up Other People's Messes While Chewing Them Out For Causing Him More Paperwork. (AKA: Mod!Harry and the Stupid Paperwork-Causing Shite People Do.)

Harry never wanted to be the physical incarnation of the immutable force that was Death, but that wasn't going to stop him from hunting down all the idiots causing him so much unnecessary paperwork.

0. Deus Initium [Prequel] (by The Plot Bunny Whisperer)
1. Deus Ex Machina [Avengers (Marvel Movieverse)] (by The Plot Bunny Whisperer)
2. Deus Mortem [Marvel Movieverse] (by Gallons_of_the_Stuff)

3works -- 9,961wds. Updated: 05/12/2015  fandom:HarryPotter  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  crossover  NoShip  fanfic  s:MoD!HarryIsNotAmused  humor  char(HP):Harry_Potter  char(Avengers):Loki  char(Avengers):Thor  char(Avengers):Hela  char(Avengers):Thanos  Death  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+ 
august 2015 by shibela
By No Ordinary Means of Communication by laughtershock
Q can’t help but wonder how, exactly, his life has come to this.

(The one where Bond discovers post-it notes, Q discovers how not to talk about feelings, and together, they fight crime make things far more complicated than necessary.) 1ch. -- 7,902wds. Updated: 09/07/2013  Q/Bond  fanfic  slash  Courtship  letters  art-fanfic  multimedia  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+  fandom:JamesBond 
june 2015 by shibela
Pegasus Non-Verbal by igrab @
John always gets a little thrill when he sees Rodney sign at him across the room, casually dissing people literally standing next to him and John is the only one who knows. 1ch. -- 6,351wds. Updated: 11/19/2014  fandom:SGA  McShep  fanfic  AU  mute  deaf  ASL  Language_Issues  humor  OT4  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:5.000+  via:popkin16 
november 2014 by shibela
dammit, put the condom on the banana by jedusaur
"Penis doodles are encouraged on all homework. Awful innuendos are allowed. Extra credit if you can get me to laugh at them. And don't hit on me unless you're legal, 'cause I got crazy shit for that last time."

(or, what Patrick Kane would be like as a sex ed instructor) 1ch. -- 572wds. Updated: 11/20/2012  fandom:HockeyRPF  NoShip  fanfic  char(H_RPF):PKane  AU  Other_Occupations  humor  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:1.000- 
april 2014 by shibela

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