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Removing your site from the Wayback Machine (Keybase)
Quick guide on removing and excluding your content from's Wayback Machine with Keybase  wayback_machine  howto  removal  privacy 
13 days ago by raphman
The IA Client – The Swiss Army Knife of Internet Archive
Started in 2012 and overseen primarily by Archive employee Jake Johnson, the internetarchive client (which is generally just called “ia”) is both a set of libraries and a command-line program for doing a wide range of activities and actions with the archive without having to come in through the website. There’s a range of advantages and differences from using the web interface, mostly that it can be called as a command-line request, and return the results (success, failure, other information) right into your scripts. It is coded to be in lock-step with our APIs and system, and does its best to respect capacity as well as return informative messages about success or errors.
archive  tools  ia  internet-archive 
19 days ago by zzkt
Europol Tells Internet Archive That Much Of Its Site Is 'Terrorist Content' | Techdirt
'The Internet Archive has a few staff members that process takedown notices from law enforcement who operate in the Pacific time zone. Most of the falsely identified URLs mentioned here (including the report from the French government) were sent to us in the middle of the night – between midnight and 3am Pacific – and all of the reports were sent outside of the business hours of the Internet Archive.

The one-hour requirement essentially means that we would need to take reported URLs down automatically and do our best to review them after the fact.

It would be bad enough if the mistaken URLs in these examples were for a set of relatively obscure items on our site, but the EU IRU’s lists include some of the most visited pages on and materials that obviously have high scholarly and research value.'
eu  europol  policing  france  archival  web  freedom  censorship  fail 
10 weeks ago by jm - Highlights Interactive CD-ROM
"My Own Page custom paint program promotes creativity for children on all ages."  Highlights  magazine  CD-ROM  ISO 
10 weeks ago by cosmic
jwz: Waybackify
a tool that scans HTML documents and identifies opportunities to replace links with reference to items stored in the Wayback machine - a way of combatting link rot  projects  bitrot 
march 2019 by mreinbold
Time Travel
Multi-search and other cache/archival websites
tools  internet  archived  history 
march 2019 by PCjabber
GET LAMP: Jim Aspnes Interview : Jason Scott : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Aspnes is the creator of TinyMUD, which was an attempt to bring the MUD world down into a smaller, extensible codebase and provide a fun thing to tinker with.
if  interview  mud 
february 2019 by AleatoricConsonance
The GET LAMP Interview Archives : Free Movies : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive
From 2006-2008, director Jason Scott interviewed over 70 programmers, writers, academics and designers about text adventures and interactive fiction, that genre of computer game which dominated the early days of home computer and which has faded into a much smaller portion of the game world.
if  interview 
february 2019 by AleatoricConsonance
Travis Bean guitars — Article by C. William Kamen snapshot of this article copied to an OG Travis Bean fansite
travisbean  guitars  history  story  guitar  waybackmachine 
february 2019 by 3rdparty
Mondo 2000 - Issue 05 : Mondo 2000
Mondo 2000 was a glossy cyberculture magazine published in California during the 1980s and 1990s. It covered cyberpunk topics such as virtual reality and smart drugs. It was a more anarchic and subversive prototype for the later-founded Wired magazine.
magazines  history 
january 2019 by mikael

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