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The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale | Twitter Blogs
Overview of Twitter Fleet
Twitter came of age when hardware from physical enterprise vendors ruled the data center. Since then we've continually engineered and refreshed our fleet to take advantage of the latest open standards in technology and hardware efficiency in order to deliver the best possible experience.
twitter  scale  infrastructure  architecture 
yesterday by euler
Reasonable System for CSS Stylesheet Structure.
A set of simple ideas to guide your process of building maintainable CSS.
css  guide  architecture 
yesterday by philipe
Rise of Worse Is Better
simplicity / correctness / consistency / completeness in lisp and C
software_design  code  architecture  MIT  software  development 
yesterday by vloux
How Discord Stores Billions of Messages
Here is a simplified schema for our messages table (this omits about 10 columns).
cassandra  chat  messaging  architecture 
yesterday by hellsten

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