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GreenArrays, Inc.
"Ultra-low-powered multi-computer chips with integrated peripherals."
Another of Chuck Moore's ideas...
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17 hours ago by richtbreak
The Uncomfortable
The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately inconvenient
everyday objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani
object  architecture  design  independant  absurd 
20 hours ago by dyab
(16) Listen to Yourself: A Design Pattern for Event-Driven Microservices | LinkedIn
"One challenge that I have faced is the need to achieve local transactionality when a microservice needs to perform multiple activities as an atomic operation. Although the SAGA pattern can solve the lack of distributed transactions by defining compensating events for failed transactions, it does not solve the problem of needing a local two-phase commit within the microservice itself."
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23 hours ago by bookmarks
"You have applied the Database per Service pattern. Each service has its own database. Some business transactions, however, span multiple service so you need a mechanism to ensure data consistency across services. For example, lets imagine that you are building an e-commerce store where customers have a credit limit. The application must ensure that a new order will not exceed the customer’s credit limit. Since Orders and Customers are in different databases the application cannot simply use a l...
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23 hours ago by bookmarks
TOGAF Foundation Architecture: Technical Reference Model
1. A taxonomy, which defines terminology, and provides a coherent description of the components and conceptual structure of an information system

2. An associated TRM graphic, which provides a visual representation of the taxonomy

Technical Reference Model (TRM), provides a model and taxonomy of generic platform services

Three major entities
Application Software
Application Platform
Communications Infrastructure

connected by two interfaces
Application Platform Interface
Communications Infrastructure Interface
togaf  foundation  architecture  reference  model  trm 
yesterday by bharrison
How to Quantify Scalability
It's also an attempt to provide a quick overview of the USL methodology
scalability  architecture 
yesterday by mpm

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