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Jan Kempenaers
The photographer behind the "Spomenik" series of photos
photography  architecture  photographers  artists  landscape_photography 
14 hours ago by chritter
Concrete clickbait: next time you share a spomenik photo, think about what it means — The Calvert Journal
A great write-up of the history of the "Spomenik" sculptures and what they really mean, outside of clickbait articles that regularly get it wrong.
2016  politics  architecture  history  yugoslavia  balkans  croatia  serbia  photography  landscape_photography  socialism  monuments  memorials  sculpture  non-fiction  longform  clickbait  anti-fascism  art  wwii  soviet 
14 hours ago by chritter
Cryptographic Storage Cheat Sheet - OWASP
Algorithms, key size and parameters report – 2014
architecture  crypto  data  security 
15 hours ago by cwensel
Code Rot | Henrik Warne's blog
In my experience, code can rot in two distinct ways. The first case is code that hasn’t been used in a long time, but where the environment has changed so it is no longer possible to run the code. In the second case, the code still works, but has gradually become complicated and hard to work with. The first case is unusual, but straight forward to fix. The second case is very common, but unfortunately hard to fix if left for too long.
programming  architecture  archeology  code  rot  decay 
18 hours ago by acemarke
turn layout designs into 3d models.
3d  architecture  tools  virtual 
18 hours ago by farmckon
Grandes écuries de Chantilly
Musée Vivant du Cheval is a museum in Chantilly, France. Dedicated to equine art and culture.
museum  architecture  renaissance  château  riding  sculpture  history  art  culture  chantilly  oise  (picardie)  hauts-de-france  france 
19 hours ago by asaltydog

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