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Vessel – The Quiet Room.
"Is it possible to find refuge from the din of 21st century life? Over the next few months I am building a room to find what “quiet” means today, and how to make time and space for such a place in the everyday. Join me on this expedition: twitter, instagram, periscope, and regular updates right here."

" is created by architect Nick Sowers. Prior to starting his independent practice in 2013, Nick designed museums, residences, and offices for architects in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Rotterdam. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley where he traveled the world with a recorder looking and listening to bunkers and bases."
nicksowers  architecture  sound  construction  quiet 
21 minutes ago by robertogreco
What Is Assumed When Deferring Database Decisions? | 8th Light
Really good post about designing the interface between your application and data store.

One benefit of creating an access layer instead of accessing data through an ORM is that there is not a temptation to throw database access around haphazardly throughout the codebase. Data access patterns are driven by use cases instead of driven by what the ORM is able to do, thereby promoting a clean separation of concerns and a loose coupling of the business logic and persistence layer.

In my mind, this is a good thing. We want clean separations of concerns. Having a loosely coupled and pluggable architecture allows for easy testing and rapid development in the long term. However, there seems to be an assumption, when treating the database as a detail, that the only concern of the data layer is mapping the application's data from the shape the application knows about to the shape the database expects. This is what ORMs have traditionally done. This is what it means to treat the database as a detail, we can plug in a mapping layer that ultimately talks to whatever storage we want.

This is where adherence to this philosophy falls down, because databases are more than just a final resting point for a certain shape of data. Databases have access patterns, and those access patterns affect their usage by their collaborators.
programming  database  design  patterns  architecture  8thLight 
1 hour ago by jefframnani
A distributed for loop from scratch in 70 lines of Python | Will Crichton
I walk through the concrete steps of how to parallelize a Python function over a cluster using Docker and Kubernetes assuming knowledge of neither. You will create a distributed, fault-tolerant work queue without too much code.
python  kubernetes  google  cloud  computer  engine  cluster  architecture  queue  processing 
yesterday by ianweatherhogg
The Man Who Elevated Landscape to Art - Metropolis
On Brazillian landscape architect and artist Roberto Brule Marx, who designed the Copa Cabana beach in Rio, among other things. Known in particular for large ground murals.
landscape  art  architecture  brazil  modernism 
2 days ago by johnmfrench

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