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Managed Retreat - Page 2 of 2 - 99% Invisible
Moved a telephone building while wired up and all the operators inside working the entire time. Sweet!
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What Is Serverless Computing, and Why Should I Care?
In the Apache OpenWhisk programming model, the developer focuses solely on the unique features of their application by narrowing the scope of their concern down to smaller units of code – the functions (actions) commonly packaged as single files – that provide their core business logic.

Beyond automatic scale and granular cost model which tie business operations directly to resources consumed, platforms like OpenWhisk address many of the operations-focused 12 Factor best practices on behalf of the developer, making it easier to build and deploy cloud native applications like microservices.

“Serverless will fundamentally change how we build business around technology and how you code.”

– Simon Wardley, Why the fuss about serverless?

Another trend driving this new model of development is the emergence of many more non-web workloads that require the benefits of cloud computing (for example, elasticity, scale, and cost reduction). These IoT, cognitive, batch, and data-driven use cases join HTTP and REST based applications that have long taken advantage of IaaS and PaaS capabilities.
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