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(296) Golang UK Conference 2016 - Marcus Olsson - Building an enterprise service in Go - YouTube
Go has been widely successful for creating tools and infrastructure, but the simplicity of the language also makes for an excellent fit for implementing core...
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APIs as infrastructure: future-proofing Stripe with versioning
APIs as infrastructure: future-proofing Stripe with versioning When it comes to APIs, change isn’t popular. While software developers are used to iterating quickly and often, API developers lose that flexibility as soon as even one user starts consuming their interface. Many of us are familiar with how the Unix operating system evolved. via Pocket
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HDB history, photos and floor plan evolution 1930s to 2010s | Teoalida Website
This page shows floor plans of 100 most common HDB flat types and most representative layouts. Many other layouts exists, unique layouts with slanted rooms, as well as variations of the standard layouts, these usually have larger sizes.
Looking for certain town or flat type?

After war, SIT built mostly 2-Room and 3-Room, but 4-Room flats were built too in Alexandra North, Silat Estate and Tiong Bahru (at least), no floorplan available. To speed up construction, flats were downsized in 1955 and fewer 4-room were built. 1-Room flats were introduced in 1958, as 3-storey blocks with double-loaded corridor. It also built tenements (blocks with communal kitchen and toilets, opposite of “self-contained flats”), that can be built quickly for the victims of various fires.
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Jacobs Veerle - interieur
Interieur architect - fotografie - grafisch ontwerp te Geel.
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Application Architecture Guidance for .NET Applications
Practical advice, best practices, and sample applications for using .NET with microservices, Docker containers, Kubernetes, Xamarin, ASP.NET, Azure, Service Fabric, and more.
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