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Microservices Are Something You Grow Into, Not Begin With — Nick Janetakis
Let's talk about when it might be a good or bad idea to start using microservices. SPOILER ALERT: it's not the same for every project.
microservices  #CFD4  @LightStepHQ  @NickJanetakis  architecture  bestpractices  business  deferreddecision  IFTTT  programming 
41 minutes ago by otlib
The new, new NetSuite – it’s all about your growth at SuiteConnect
"The NetSuite of today is focused on customers' success and growth for customers. This is a smart strategy which the company demonstrated by bringing on enthusiastic customers."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture 
1 hour ago by jonerp
Systems, not Programs
We need programming, but do we need the program?
4 hours ago by geetarista
Architektur – Museum Frieder Burda
Das Museum für die Sammlung Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden ist ein modernes Bauwerk etwas anderen Zuschnitts. Es ist zwanglos mit einer malerischen Gartenanlage verbunden und liegt fußgängerfreundlich an einem Ort von besonderer Ausstrahlung und menschlichen Dimensionen.
museums  architecture  baden-baden  art  richard_meier 
5 hours ago by navegador
Museum Frieder Burda
Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Lichtentaler Allee, Baden-Baden
museums  art  contemporary  baden-baden  germany  architecture  richard_meier 
6 hours ago by navegador

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