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Read about this group in nyt article recently and kept it. Article today reminded me of it. Their section "what we believe" is one of those things I need to try to work on and improve for them. Take the time to read it through and think about it.
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21 hours ago by jete.jeter
Terraform Environment+Application Design Pattern -
This is the first part of a series of articles on the Terraform E+A Pattern. Before getting into the details, let's establish some terminology. For the purpose of this article, the overall system consists of a number of environments that provide some shared, foundational infrastructure, and then several applications that are separately deployable into those environments.
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22 hours ago by joshuajabbour
Does Architecture Affect the Value of Your Home?
It’s important to know whether or not your home is at a disadvantage due to the style of its architecture.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Modules vs. microservices - O'Reilly Media
Apply modular system design principles while avoiding the operational complexity of microservices.
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Have you visited The Hive in our centre?-tweet your best photo of this awesome &
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