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We connect guests who value exceptional design, to hosts who have invested
in extraordinary architecture.
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yesterday by mandarine
Workday Rising 2017 and Workday Then, Now and Tomorrow - by @brianssommer
"The real story behind Workday Rising is in how Workday will evolve now that it has arrived at a juncture in its growth. Will it persevere or lose its way?"
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yesterday by jonerp
Interactive Application Architecture Patterns - LosTechies - Derek Greer
As recommended on StackOverflow post "Alternatives to the MVC?"

answered by Jörg W Mittag
One of the best write-ups of several different Interactive Application Architecture Patterns out there, is this very detailed and well-researched blog-post. It covers Model-View-Controller, three different flavors of Model-View-Presenter, several different flavors of Presentation-Abstraction-Control, Supervising Controller, Passive View and Hierarchical MVC.

Another interesting pattern is the Presenter First pattern by Atomic Objects. It's not just a Design Pattern, it's also a Process Pattern. IOW: the name "Presenter First" is not arbitrary, it actually describes a development process, in which the Presenter gets written first, driving the design of the rest of the system.
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yesterday by jflorablack
Witch window
Architectural oddity from around Vermont
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yesterday by nelson

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