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If you own a mid drive, here's some IGH options and warnings | ELECTRICBIKE.COM
Many new mid drive owners are wondering if an IGH is an option for them, Here is some info to help you decide if you can get rid of your derailleur
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RT : Tune in now to hear the interview from this morning !
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Margaret Archer. The Current Crisis: Consequences of Neglecting the Four Key Principles of Catholic Social Doctrine of Harmony
Generically, the majority of today’s social theory has no resources with which to conceive of a robust civil society and a real civil economy that would have been bulwarks against the scenario which unreeled. With Marxism dead, so was the power to conceive of a better future attained through social conflict. With Parsons in demise, so died any serious concern with social integration and ‘the problem of social order’. The two main engines that, in totally different ways, had driven the sociological imagination during industrial capitalism generated no alternatives for the macro-conceptualization of how late modernity need not ‘be so, but could be otherwise’.
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