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Black Feminist Archaeology: Whitney Battle-Baptiste: 9781598743791: Books
In the last chapter of my book, Black Feminist Archaeology, I used the words “moving mountains and liberating dialogues” to describe how I felt about writing a book with the words Black, Feminist, and Archaeology together. This venture took a great deal of strength, but seemed like the only way for me to have a conversation that mattered. My identity as a student of historical archaeology and the African Diaspora often put theory I was taught and the approach to community-based practice at odds. This dilemma, however, pushed me use my research as a vehicle for archaeological theory and practice to speak directly to the intersectional and complex relationships of the people and the things they left behind. The works and words of Black women describing our own experiences had always been the most reliable source for my developing a coherent theoretical language to interpret the material remains of women in captivity and beyond. Black Feminist Archaeology, therefore, demonstrates through an analysis of the material past, a method to positively enhance the texture and depth of how we understand the experiences of captive African peoples and further create an archaeology that can be directly linked to the larger quest for social and political justice. My presentation is about how my identity (as varied as it is) has led my research to reflect who I am and what I bring to the discipline of archaeology in general and how the relationship between African Diaspora archaeology and Black Feminist theory to create conversations that matter for generations to come.
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16 hours ago by gwijthoff
Pseudoarchaeology and the Racism Behind Ancient Aliens
“Where, exactly, the idea of ancient aliens building the pyramids began — and why some academics think racism lies at the heart of many extraterrestrial theories.”
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2 days ago by djwudi
Guatemala's Maya Society Featured Huge 'Megalopolis,' LiDAR Data Show
A vast, interconnected network of ancient cities was home to millions more people than previously thought.
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5 days ago by andyscotuk
The Ecological Crisis is a Political Crisis | MAHB
"To create a sustainable future, we must first learn the lessons of the past, and what archaeological research shows is that throughout history, civilizations that have been captive to the interests of an oligarchic elite have all collapsed. Today’s industrial, capitalist civilization is trapped in this same deadly cycle."
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6 days ago by gominokouhai
Pseudoarchaeology and the Racism Behind Ancient Aliens
If we look to von Däniken’s work, there can be little doubt that his racial beliefs influenced his extraterrestrial theories. After a short stint in jail for fraud and either writing or appropriating the material for a number of other books that developed his ancient astronauts theory, von Däniken published Signs of the Gods? in 1979. It is here that many of his racial views are most boldly stated. British archaeology officer Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews points out on his Bad Archaeology blog just a few of the many racist questions and statements posed by the author: “Was the black race a failure and did the extraterrestrials change the genetic code by gene surgery and then programme a white or a yellow race?” He also printed beliefs about the innate talents of certain races: “Nearly all negroes are musical; they have rhythm in their blood.” Von Däniken also consistently uses the term “negroid race” in comparison with “Caucasians.”
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7 days ago by Vaguery
oddbill » Blog Archive » Programmer-Archaeologist
In Verner Vinge’s space opera A Deepness in the Sky, he proposes that one of this future’s most valuable professions is that of Programmer-Archaeologist. Essentially, the layers of accreted software in all large systems are so deep, inter-penetrating, idiosyncratic and inter-dependent that it has become impossible to just re-write them for simplicity’s sake – they genuinely can’t be replaced without wrecking the foundations of civilization. The Programmer-Archaeologist churns through this maddening nest of ancient languages and hidden/forgotten tools to repair existing programs or to find odd things that can be turned to unanticipated uses.

“The word for all this is ‘mature programming environment.’ Basically, when hardware performance has been pushed to its final limit, and programmers have had several centuries to code, you reach a point where there is far more significant code than can be rationalized. The best you can do is understand the overall layering, and know how to search for the oddball tool that may come in handy -”
A Deepness in the Sky – Verner Vinge

This is not all that different from what I actually do in my current job.
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8 days ago by rybesh

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