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Building a More Inclusive Introductory Archaeology Course
When I was a TA, a student came to my office hours to tell me he was dropping the class after doing poorly on the first exam. He was interested in archaeology, and had been excited to take it, but English was his second language and the pace of the English lectures was difficult to follow. Besides, he had never heard of many of the places we studied, so he was often confused from the very beginning of class. I told him I would tutor him if he stayed in the course. We worked through the ancient societies of the Mediterranean together over the next couple of months, then briefly covered the Americas.
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5 hours ago by alclaexman
A Spin through Augustan Rome - Archaeology Magazine
Augustus "found Rome a city of brick, left it a city of marble." CG representation of upgrades from brick to marble during his regime (that we know of). The brag looks a bit overstated, but of course evidence is limited.
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7 hours ago by Marcellus
What’s So Controversial About a Medieval Nun’s Teeth? | The New Republic
How an archaeological discovery involving lapis lazuli and an 11th-century skeleton turned into an online drama
7 days ago by tkmharris

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