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Esri Events - YouTube
Yesterday's plenary talks are already available online for viewing at your own leisure 👍
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7 days ago by robhawkes
Interested in bringing maps into web applications? Check out the for Web Developers series I'm starting up…
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8 days ago by robhawkes
The Developer Program gives you access to the software and resources you need to be successful with the Arc…
ArcGIS  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by robhawkes
Density of OS Open Greenspace - Atlas - Medium
To celebrate the arrival of the Ordnance Survey Open Greenspace dataset to the ArcGIS Living Atlas a number of us at Esri UK took part in a 30 Minute Map competition. I decided to put together a…
dataviz  arcgis 
8 days ago by NiklasJordan
How To: Remove and replace characters from a field in an attribute table
!ROAD_NAME!.replace(" ","_").replace("-","").replace("(","").replace(")","").replace(":","").replace("/","").replace("&","and").replace("'","").replace("*","").replace("<","").replace(">","").replace(".","")

To remove non ascii characters from a field

!LG_NAME!.replace(" ","").replace("-","").replace("(C)","").replace("(T)","")

^ add this python to LG_Name=

CodeBlock remains empty

"You may need to escape some of the characters, or use their chr() code if the field calculator doesn't like them. chr(33) in my example replaces the !.

Chr codes can be retrieved from: or by opening the python window in ArcMap and typing ord("!"), for example, or whatever character you want to find into ord()."

python  replace  ascii  arcgis 
8 days ago by N1cks
free text in domain field | GeoNet, The Esri Community | GIS and Geospatial Professional Community
This is only possible if you are using subtypes with your domains and off of the subtype 1 you have the domain listed in the template and subtype 2 there is no domain and its just a text field.
domain  arcgis  text 
20 days ago by N1cks
Hello! Using coded domains in ArcGIS Online and... | GeoNet, The Esri Community | GIS and Geospatial Professional Community
I've used full text as coded values when doing database schema design without an issue (MANHOLE = Code, Manhole = Description). I am also not a DBA, but as I understand it, space is no longer the concern it once was. The only limitation I'm aware of is the use of spaces (and most likely special characters) in the description, so I'd suggest using _ to separate your longer coded values, i.e. HIGH_PRESSURE_SODIUM.
domains  arcgis 
21 days ago by N1cks
Users can now access free valuable USGS and data all inside of using Maps for A…
Illustrator  ArcGIS  OpenStreetMap  from twitter_favs
26 days ago by robhawkes

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