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: 【 #ミリシタ 最高画質 】Fermata in Rapsodia
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24 days ago by geshtalt
How to detect if a script is being sourced - Stack Overflow
This solution doesn't work with dash, alas

> This seems to be portable between Bash and Korn:
> ```.sh
> [[ $_ != $0 ]] && echo "Script is being sourced" || echo "Script is a subshell"
> ```
> A line similar to this or an assignment like
> `pathname="$_"` (with a later test and
> action) must be on the first line of the
> script or on the line after the shebang
> (which, if used, should be for ksh in order
> for it to work under the most circumstances).

note: sourced vs executed
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march 2019 by thedward

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