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Cardcade – A new kind of Arcade Cabinet
I have always wanted to buy an arcade cabinet but didn't have thousands of dollars to buy one.

I looked into building one myself with wood, and quickly found out that I needed certain tools & saws that I didn't have. It also involved programming and complicated electrical wiring.

I then looked into buying a pre-cut kit that I just had to put together, and realized those were also fairly expensive.

I knew there had to be a more affordable way to make one. So I went and built it myself. As a packaging structural designer I was able to design an strong sturdy arcade cabinet using super affordable materials.

Using advanced folding and locking techniques each Cardcade can be put together without any tools, glue, or screws. And it can be assembled in minutes for quick and easy fun!
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august 2018 by xr
History of game healthbars
Nice tour through visual and game design
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july 2018 by nelson
RT : We've just published our "2018 VR Voice Guide to and Location Based Entertainment" =>…
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july 2018 by LibrariesVal
Game on: why Japan’s arcades are still winning
Keisuke Tsukada is on a roll. He sits in front of a screen, motionless except for his hands, which move at speed over a joystick and a set of bright buttons. As new fighters appear, he crushes them. The word “Perfect” keeps flashing across his screen. Suddenly, the tide turns; the winning stops and the pummelling starts. A few seconds later, with the letters “KO” (Knock Out) blazing across the screen and his avatar out cold, Tsukada gathers up his briefcase and darts off to a client meeting that starts in five minutes.

“Honestly, I know, I could play most of these games on my phone. But for a hundred yen I can get at least 20 minutes of play on a big screen — even more sometimes,” he says. “The games, especially the old ones, are the same wherever you play them, so every arcade feels familiar, even if you walk in for the first time. You escape into them.”
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february 2017 by inspiral

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