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It Only Hurts (When I Breathe) - Ocean_Born_Mary - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony could see the mass of scar tissue built up around the reactor, could see the little pieces of shrapnel in his lungs, and he wondered, even now, how he was able to Not-Breathe so well with his heart and his ribs and his lungs all squished out of place.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  ship:steve/tony  get-together  asthmatic!Tony  hidden-illness  sick!Tony  arc-reactor  team-bonding  PTSD  length:5k-10k 
november 2018 by Capnshellhead
I’m having a hard time with it by whitchry9
'The first thing Tony noticed (not true, because in order, it goes pain, throat, then chest, but semantics, and the chest is the one that panics him the most, so it's what sticks) is that there is a literal weight lifted off his chest.'

Tony's chest is injured in battle and Bruce removes the arc reactor in a controlled environment to help him heal. Tony wakes from ventilation in a panic.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.whitchry9  l.tinyfic  l.complete  s.ao3  r.gen  c.ironman  arc-reactor  w.whump 
december 2014 by splitbeak
there's what i believe, and then there's you by theappleppielifestyle
Steve locks his jaw. They don't have time, and Tony's breathing is getting ragged behind him as the shrapnel creeps closer to his heart.

He feels all eyes on him as he takes ahold of the HYDRA agent's finger. "Give me the code, or I will break your finger."
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.theappleppielifestyle  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.captainamerica  r.slash  r.establishedrelationship  r.captainamerica-ironman  w.whump  w.torture  arc-reactor 
october 2014 by splitbeak
One of Those Days by kerravon
The arc reactor, despite being a technical marvel, is quite invasive. There have to be side effects to its presence in Tony's chest beyond the now-resolved Palladium poisoning. The team are about to find out just how debilitating it can be. This would be easier if Tony didn't feel the compulsion to hide the fact that he's sick. Misunderstandings all around, especially given Stark's reputation.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.kerravon  l.medfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.ironman  r.gen  w.whump  w.sick  arc-reactor  w.issues 
november 2013 by splitbeak
Moving Forward by navaan
After Iron Man 3 Tony fixes himself, but people around him still have to figure that out. Everybody seems to notice the absence of the arc reactor more than he does.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.navaan  l.shortfic  l.complete  s.ao3  c.ironman  r.het  r.establishedrelationship  arc-reactor  r.ironman-pepper 
september 2013 by splitbeak
The meeting by everythingispoetry
She suddenly realizes that she’ll spend the next few hours in one room with half-naked and exhausted Tony Stark, trying to make sure he doesn’t die of asphyxia in the meantime. It’s not how she was hoping for a meeting with one of the Avengers to be like.
read  f.marvel  f.avengers  a.everythingispoetry  l.shortfic  s.ao3  r.gen  c.ironman  c.ofc  w.whump  arc-reactor  w.hypoxia  l.complete  * 
june 2013 by splitbeak
It's in the Blood by BloodFromTheThorn
What if the events of Iron Man 2 didn't happen until after the Avengers? How would the team react to the knowledge one of their own was dying?
f.marvel  f.avengers  a.bloodfromthethorn  l.shortfic  read  r.gen  c.ironman  w.whump  w.allergicreaction-venom-poison  arc-reactor  l.complete  s.ffn 
may 2013 by splitbeak
Night Light by resonae
Tony can't sleep with a light on, and Clint can't sleep with someone in the same bed. But before Tony knows it, he can deal with Clint's little night light, and Clint can't sleep without Tony being in the same bed.
arc-reactor  read  f.marvel  f.avengers  l.shortfic  s.ao3  r.establishedrelationship  r.slash  c.hawkeye  c.ironman  a.resonae  r.hawkeye-ironman  l.complete 
november 2012 by splitbeak
Lithium Hawkeye by PeechTao
Clint and Tony whump! the two are sent on a trip to Amsterdam, but never make it so far before they are attacked mid-air. Tony must keep Clint alive, even if it means draining his ARC until he's dead.
arc-reactor  read  f.marvel  f.avengers  l.longfic  w.bulletwound  w.crash  w.whump  w.nightmares  w.ptsd  c.hawkeye  c.ironman  r.gen  a.peechtao  l.complete  s.ffn 
october 2012 by splitbeak
Live Through This (Every Day) by tessercat (nekonexus)
Tony Stark lives through a lot of shit, every day.

Five fucking minutes, Tony Stark thinks, bracing his arms on the desk so he can shift the muscle tension off his chest and up into his shoulders. Five fucking minutes completeley pain free out of every goddamn day would be a blessing.
arc-reactor  read  f.marvel  f.avengers  l.tinyfic  s.ao3  w.whump  c.ironman  r.gen  a.tessercat  l.complete 
june 2012 by splitbeak

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