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Forced into arbitration, 12,500 drivers claim Uber won’t pay fees to launch cases | Reuters
Uber squashed a class action lawsuit because of their mandatory arbitration clause. Uber refused the litigants' offer to arbitrate 9 cases then mediate an overall agreement. Now Uber is actually arbitrating 6 of 12,500 cases... and just doing nothing for the rest!
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Morgan Stanley Banker Fired After Maternity Leave Writes CEO - Bloomberg
The 24-page complaint alleges that Pham received her first negative performance review after her pregnancy became known, and that managers permanently shifted some of her client accounts to colleagues during her leave. After she returned, her breaks to pump breast milk became a topic of conversation among male coworkers, with one manager asking her repeatedly, “What’s wrong with formula?” according to the complaint.

In her letter, Pham asked Chief Executive Officer James Gorman to “do the right thing” and let her litigate claims in open court. “You recently said that Morgan Stanley is ‘not where we want to be, but we’re making progress,’” she wrote him. “Forcing female employees to pursue discrimination claims in secrecy is not ‘making progress.’”

Pham was fired on Sept. 18, one day after she was to begin arriving at work after 7 a.m. so that she could drop her baby off at daycare, according to her complaint. During her exit, she pressed a manager and a human resources representative for an explanation, but received none, according to the document.

Some of her former clients were later told she was let go because of firm-wide reductions, but to her knowledge she was the only person on her region’s sales team to be ousted, according to the complaint.
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Open secret know to everyone except (props to Justice Thomas). is excellent for complex busine…
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Designing rules of procedure for the arbitration of family law disputes – Slaw
As a result, in many jurisdictions lawyers taking a case to arbitration simply adopt the local rules of court. This makes sense, as anyone who litigates will be intimately familiar with those rules, and some jurisdictions, again like British Columbia, have rules of court written just for family law disputes. However, it’s not necessarily the best solution, as adopting the rules of court by default, or by reflex, robs parties of one of the key benefits of arbitration: the ability to shape and customize the arbitration process to suit their needs, their dispute and their finances. Moreover, while most Canadian superior court rules begin with an admonition that the rules are to be interpreted so as to provide the parties with an inexpensive and speedy resolution of their dispute, using a level of process that is proportionate to the complexity and importance of the issues in dispute, precious few actually give substance to the idea. Using the rules of court generally means using all of the rules of court, and that comes with costs and delays that may be avoidable.
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