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How to attract the cute boy working at a pet shop in two easy steps:
1) Don’t do what Arakita Yasutomo did
2) Or do
Arakita/Shinkai  Toudou/Makishima  Arakita.Yasutomo  Shinkai.Hayato  Toudou.Jinpachi  Makishima.Yuusuke  Yowamushi.Pedal  AU 
september 2015 by Everdeen
Arakita was surprised the first time he caught himself staring as Shinkai unzipped the front of his jersey. Honestly, it was kind of hard not to, the way he was sprawled out on a bench in the club room, eating another power-bar and airing out those glorious, angel-kissed muscles that made up his abdomen.

He was also surprised enough to slam his locker door onto his hand when he first had a thought like that.
Arakita.Yasutomo  Shinkai.Hayato  Fukutomi.Juichi  Arakita/Shinkai  Yowamushi.Pedal  BlowJob 
september 2015 by Everdeen
Free Refills
The dumbass probably could have murdered somebody in the middle of the restaurant, lifted the lifeless corpse, dumped it on somebody’s table, told them dinner was served, and would still get tips in exchange for just one sweet smile.
AU  Yowamushi.Pedal  Shinkai.Hayato  Arakita.Yasutomo  Arakita/Shinkai 
september 2015 by Everdeen
Until It Shakes My Heart
A drunken revelation stirs up some unwelcome feelings for Arakita. It takes him a long time to come to terms with what he wants, but Shinkai is willing to be patient.
Yowamushi.Pedal  Arakita.Yasutomo  Shinkai.Hayato  Arakita/Shinkai  Sexual.tension  Sexuality.crisis  Underage.drinking  Kissing  sex 
september 2015 by Everdeen
Le Tour de la Confusion
Toudou Jinpachi is the last virgin of the cycling world. Soon to turn 18, he’s starting to feel the pressure on his shoulders. Something must be done! But what happens to his plans when Fukutomi announces that their team – along with Sohoku – are going for a holiday abroad? And to none other destination than Europe and Le Tour de France!

Meanwhile, Shinkai gets the proposition of his life.
Yowamushi.Pedal  Arakita.Yasutomo  Shinkai.Hayato  Arakita/Shinkai  Makishima.Yuusuke  Toudou.Jinpachi  Toudou/Makishima  Romance  Drama  Underage.drinking  Underage  Humor 
september 2015 by Everdeen
Oblivious to the Obvious
If Toudou won't stop calling, Makishima decides that the least he can do is make something interesting out of their conversation.

After their hot and heavy late night call, Makishima stops hearing from Toudou. If he hopes for things to return to usual, he knows that they'll both have to face what it meant to them eventually.

Makishima doesn't know the first thing about dating, but maybe it's all a lot easier than he thinks.
Yowamushi.Pedal  Makishima.Yuusuke  Toudou.Jinpachi  Toudou/Makishima  awkwardness  First.kiss  Holding.hands  Romance  Kissing  Shinkai.Hayato  Arakita.Yasutomo 
september 2015 by Everdeen

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