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My first class with the excellent Dr. Ibrahim who 1. determined my Arabic level by already speaking Arabic…
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21 days ago by lijnenspel
white guy talks with Indians in Hindi : videos
I used to work in rural Syria as an archaeologist, where in the summer you basically live in the village for 3 months, excavating for about 12 hours a day. When you work there you don't just learn to speak Arabic, it really becomes a natural language to you because it's absolutely essential to communicate with your workmen and it's all you end up speaking.

When I went back to Damascus after my first season of excavations it was amazing to see the reactions. 99% of Westerners that do speak Arabic, don't speak a colloquial form, and if they do it's definitely not Northern Mesopotamian. I'd go out to the market to buy some gifts for my mother and pretend to be an ignorant tourist and when they'd charge me 4x the price I'd yell out "WHAT IS THIS TRASH" and I never once got a negative reaction, every single time they'd just stare at me in disbelief. Then I'd end up having tea and cake or cookies with them for hours chatting about how much I love Syria and its people.
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5 weeks ago by cmananian
Young designer aims to promote Egyptians' African roots
Unlike Shandaweely, who is proud of the African heritage of Egypt, most Egyptians do not fully understand that — geographically and culturally — they have African roots and that they are Africans. Some people may prefer to call themselves Arab or Middle Eastern, rather than African.

However, the Egyptian government has recently been trying to strengthen its ties with other African countries as well as introduce African art to the Egyptian public.
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9 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge

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