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Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web - 60fps on mobile!
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RT is limitless and has enormous potential. But should you start upgrading your
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RT is limitless and has enormous potential. But should you start upgrading your
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Facebook's AI Camera Team Is Reinventing the Phone - The Atlantic
The latest Silicon Valley quest is to reimagine what a camera is, applying the recent progress in artificial intelligence to allow your phone to read the physical world as easily as Google read the web.

The AI Camera team is responsible for giving the cameras inside these apps an understanding of what you’re pointing them at. In the near future, your camera will understand its location, recognize the people in the frame, and be able to seamlessly augment the reality you see.

Imagine, he said, a persistent, shareable social layer on the physical world, a spatialized Facebook that’s escaped the feed.

This is a radically different notion from the Facebook we’ve come to know, which, even though it made the leap from the desktop to “mobile,” rarely engages with the physical space where your hand clutches the phone.

“In the existing Facebook structure, we’re giving you everything that’s happening right now in the world, collapsing space to give you a a slice of time,” said Barnett. “This is talking about collapsing time to give you this piece of space.”

Facebook would take on two modes: The News Feed, in the company’s terms, would show you what you care about now, and the spatial Facebook would tell you what’s happening here. One could read from, and write to, the world. Your world, at least.

It’s not that Facebook can or should be expected to fix all of trolling or American antiblackness or the complexities of layering digital on physical. But as they develop this world, they can build with these problems in mind.
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RT : Acabamos de terminar el framework de UX para AR Móvil Sigue en crecimiento así que esperamos comentarios
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Breakingviews - HTC tethers itself to a new virtual reality | Reuters
Top story: Breakingviews - HTC tethers itself to a new virtual real… , see more
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Untitled (
Top story: Google Agrees to Buy HTC Phone Unit for $1.1 Billion | F… , see more
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