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Find all the apps you've ever downloaded on your phone - CNET
work around si la app ja no apareix disponible a la store per culpa de la regió: descarregar-le des de Updates>ID ICON>Purchases>Not on this phone>i descarregar
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13 days ago by ferran
Developers sue Apple over App Store practices • Reuters
Stephen Nellis:
<p>Two app developers on Tuesday sued Apple Inc over its App Store practices, making claims similar to those in a lawsuit brought by consumers that the U.S. Supreme Court recently allowed to proceed.

California-based app developer Donald R. Cameron and Illinois Pure Sweat Basketball alleged in federal court in San Jose, California that Apple engaged in anticompetitive conduct by only allowing the downloading of iPhone apps through Apple’s official App Store. Apple also requires developers to price their apps in tiers ending in 99 cents and takes up to a 30% commission from developers on the sale of apps.

“This practice is analogous to a monopsonist retailer paying artificially low wholesale prices to its suppliers,” the developers said in their suit. “In both paradigms a competitive market would yield better post-commission or wholesale prices, and fairer profit, for developers’ digital products.”

The claims center on the same Apple practices highlighted in a lawsuit brought by consumers, arguing that Apple’s practices have artificially inflated the price of software in the App Store.</p>

So Apple is being sued by both consumers (which is what the recent Supreme Court decision allowed) and developers? As Ben Thompson notes in his Stratechery newsletter, this doesn't really make sense, legally speaking, because it creates a sort of double jeopardy - as though a store were being sued both by its customers and its suppliers. If the monopsonist retailer is paying artificially low wholesale prices, then customers must be benefiting from lower prices. If the developers' argument is that Apple kept prices high, then developers are getting more money, so what's the beef?
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21 days ago by charlesarthur
Delisted Overnight: A Cautionary Tale for Indie iOS Developers | Hacker News
In the discussion it appears that suddenly use of the word "tracker" in the subtitle of the app gives a major penalty. Or something like that.
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27 days ago by mcherm

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