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7 absolute truths I unlearned as junior developer
A few things I strongly believed when I was a junior developer which turned out to be wrong.
junior  developer  job  career  approach  lesson  life 
16 days ago by gilberto5757
Touchpoint | Service Design and CX: Friends or foes?
Spring 2016 Touchpoint focuses on similarities and differences b/t #service #design and #customer #experience #CX
service  design  touchpoint  customer  experience  journal  Q2  2016  comparison  pointofview  marketing  advertising  model  philosophy  approach  Insight  csr19 
9 weeks ago by csrollyson
10 Lessons Learned Conducting Code Reviews - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Advice on improving your team's code review process through better communication and setting standards.
code  review  approach  conversation  bestpractice 
10 weeks ago by gilberto5757
STEVEN J. BERGER: The Five Tenets of Courting a Producer | Dear Producer
Concise advice for finding and engaging a #producer for your #independent #film - The gist: Realize you're hiring a creative business partner, do your homework + use a personal approach ^cr
howto  19eyz  producer  film  network  approach  partner  business  distribution  production  advice 
11 weeks ago by csrollyson
Content or Context Moderation? | Data & Society
In Content or Context Moderation?, Data & Society Affiliate Robyn Caplan draws from interviews with representatives at 10 major digital platforms to identify three content moderation strategies: artisanal, community-reliant, and industrial.
content  moderation  policy  community  rule  rules  approach 
12 weeks ago by arrelid
Learning to Love Legacy Code – Ingeniously Simple – Medium
Some time ago I gave a presentation for NxtGenUG. The main event was Uncle Bob’s talk about Clean Architecture which meant that the event was really well attended (100+ people). I decided to try to…
legacy  code  programming  lesson  approach 
march 2019 by gilberto5757
How did we get to service meshes? – Ingeniously Simple – Medium
If you’ve been to a conference over the last few years, you’ve probably come across microservices. A microservice architecture consists of many highly decoupled services that are independently…
soa  microservice  servicemesh  approach 
march 2019 by gilberto5757
How Inuit Parents Raise Kids Without Yelling — And Teach Them To Control Anger : Goats and Soda : NPR
At the top of the world, the Inuit culture has developed a sophisticated way to sculpt kids' behavior without yelling or scolding. Could discipline actually be playful?
kid  education  inuit  approach  anger  control 
march 2019 by gilberto5757
Your Agile process may kill you. – ZEAL – Medium
My partner loves to bake. She’s from the south, and her grandma used to make these Martha White® “Hot Rize®” cathead biscuits that were to die for! You might assume with three ingredients and three…
agile  development  pragmatic  approach  advocacy 
march 2019 by gilberto5757
One word sums up why now is the best time to be a marketer
understanding opportunity will be a key to success in marketing.
marketing  skills  talent  approach  econsultancy  digital 
march 2019 by sparkey
What is Customer Journey Mapping? The Complete CX Network Guide | CX Network
Solid high-level post on why to use #customer #journey #maps + how to orchestrate the effort + pitfalls & links #CX
customer  experience  journey  map  value  proposition  approach  reference  persona  brand  enterprise  pitfall  csr19 
february 2019 by csrollyson

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