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Apprenticeships Are Key to Building a Workforce for the Future - Area Development
Apprenticeships are powerful economic development tools, with long-term commitment and collaboration among key players including chambers of commerce, economic development groups, business and industry leaders, public schools and community colleges.
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Help Wanted: New Training Partnerships Give GE Aviation Access To Skilled Welders - GE Reports
At the Greene County Career Center in southwestern Ohio’s Xenia Township, 650 high school students spend half their day in the classroom, learning traditional subjects like math, English, and social studies. The other half of the day, though, is what gets them most excited.
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Exploring our future, inspired by our past | Blyth Tall Ship
Through the inspiration of the discovery of Antarctica by a local hero, we want to provide hope for an entire community emerging from difficult times.We deliver aspiration through mentoring and leadership and give back purpose to a young generation that deserves better.
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RT : Damar Training celebrates legal apprentices' CILEx success.

Damar has been delivering to s…
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Teen a Role Model in Tooling and Machining Trade - US News
What is needed now by manufacturers — both here and across the nation — are those who have the aptitude for problem solving, according to Greg Wasko, vice president and partner in Starn Tool & Manufacturing Co.
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Statistics: destinations of KS4 and KS5 pupils - GOV.UK
Data on key stage 4 (KS4) and key stage 5 (KS5) students going into apprenticeship, education and employment destinations.
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11 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
We encourage great women to have great careers in .

Check out our and vacancies:…
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march 2019 by mattedgar
Our are diverse so there’s something to suit everyone. Not only do we have roles in Digital Market…
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Addressing Manufacturing Worker Shortage, Apprentice Programs Expand Pool Of Engineer Technicians - Forbes
One has a bachelor's degree in business administration, one has a bachelor's degree in elementary education, and one even has a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. This is the new wave of manufacturing apprentices, specifically, Engineering Apprentices.
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