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सर में तेल लगाने का सही तरीका | Sar me Tel Lagane Ka Tarika | How to apply Hair Oil
If you are looking for How to apply Hair Oil or Sar me Tel Lagane ka sahi tarika then this video is for you.

अस्सलामु अलैकुम व रहमतुल्लाही व बरकातुहू आप देख रहे है हमारा चैनल Five Pllars और आज हम बालों में तेल लगाने का सही तरीका देखेंगे.
सर  तेल  लगाने  तरीका  sar  tel  tarika  में  का  सही  me  Lagane  Ka  बालों  कैसे  लगाएं  सिर  तेल?  sir  sunnat  Oil  laganay  tareeka  par  tareeqa  बालो  और  समय  how  to  apply  hair  use  on  balo  pe  kaise  lagaye  video 
4 days ago by aniskhan
Apple's Hollywood venture marred by 'intrusive' Tim Cook • NY Post
Alexandra Steigrad and Nicolas Vega:
<p>Shortly after Apple announced its Hollywood ambitions in 2017, Tinseltown’s wheeler-dealers were lining up to work with the iPhone maker. But as the company’s streaming project gets ready for launch, agents and producers can’t stop griping about how “difficult” Apple is to deal with — citing a “lack of transparency,” “lack of clarity” and “intrusive” executives, including CEO Cook.

One of the biggest complaints involves the many “notes” from Apple executives seeking family-friendly shows, sources said. “Tim Cook is giving notes and getting involved,” said a producer who has worked with Apple. One of the CEO’s most repeated notes is “don’t be so mean!,” the source said.

“He’s giving feedback,” an agent said of Cook, adding that the CEO has been seen on the Vancouver set for “See,” a futuristic drama about human kind without sight, and in LA for the production of a drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Apple executives in general have been “very involved,” this person said, adding that writers and directors prefer to work without corporate intrusions.

Apple’s nitpicking over content and technology has led to delays, sources said. The streaming service is widely expected to be unveiled this month, but the final product won’t likely be available to consumers before the end of the year — and it will offer just a handful of the several dozen shows it has in the works, sources said…

…Another frustration is that Apple also keeps moving the target on what it wants, sources said.

“They are making big changes, firing and hiring new writers. There’s a lack of clarity on what they want,” the producer said. “A lot of the product is not as good as they hoped it to be,” he said.</p>

"Notes" are feedback on work in progress, and tend to come from anyone involved in any way in a project to show that they were involved. I doubt that having them from Tim Cook is actually making any difference to progress. Even if he said nothing, there would be endless looping around because that's just how TV/film works. Getting it right - knowing who the audience is and what they'll want - is, simply, really difficult.
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16 days ago by charlesarthur
Senior Fundraiser – Trusts and Major Donors job with CHM | Guardian Jobs
Unfortunately I will be away during the suggested interview dates but I do hope the organisation are interested enough that this won't prove a problem. I look forward to hearing from you.
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8 weeks ago by gnimia

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