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Things vs OmniFocus vs Todoist: A comparison of the best GTD app suites
Things vs OmniFocus vs Todoist A Comparison of the Best GTD and Productivity Apps via Instapaper
gtd  ios  productivity  application 
2 hours ago by Guju
Miniflux 2 — Miniflux 2.0.0 documentation
Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader. (server-based)
rss  feed-reader  application  golang 
2 days ago by bkittelmann
Window Manager for Mac OS
productivity  application  osx 
2 days ago by cmagnuson
If you use the WAI-ARIA role "application", please do so wisely! - Marco's Accessibility Blog
“This goes out to all web developers out there reading this blog and implementing widgets and other rich content in HTML, CSS and JavaScript! If you think of using the WAI-ARIA role “application” in your code, please do so with caution and care! And here’s why”
role  application  marcozehe  canonical  2012  accessibility  a11y 
2 days ago by handcoding
Nanobox - Get Your Head Out of the Cloud. Any App, Anywhere.
Simple app deployment and management. Run a modern cloud infrastructure with power and peace of mind.
devops  deployment  application  management 
4 days ago by starpause
American Arts Incubator | Exchange Programs
American Arts Incubator uses new media and/or mural arts as a means for engaging youth, artists, and underserved community members in overseas communities in Asia to advance U.S. foreign policy by addressing a local community issue, such as women’s empowerment, HIV-AIDS prevention, social inclusion, conflict resolution, and the environment.
grants  opportunity  exchange  newmedia  art  travel  application 
5 days ago by robduarte
Learn to write API applications using Rails 5 and JSON
Modern web applications have to deliver interactivity and options that server-rendered HTML just can’t provide. With more clients being written in JavaScript and native mobile technologies, we need backend applications that speak the web’s new bridge — JSON.

As a Rails developer, your experience gives you a head start when it comes to developing API applications, but to be effective, you need to learn to apply your skills to a new set of problems. This course will help you make the jump with complete confidence.
api  application  book  rails 
5 days ago by dangeranger
What can enterprises learn from Facebook’s no good, very bad week? - by @jonerp
"Facebook just had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. The stakes are high - and the enterprise lessons are plenty. Here's my analysis."
content  marketing  digital  and  ux  application  design  media 
6 days ago by jonerp

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