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To Invade Homes, Tech Is Trying to Get in Your Kitchen - The New York Times
“We’d really like consumers, at some point of time, to look back and say, ‘These days, a refrigerator without a screen feels awkward,’” said Sunggy Koo, Samsung’s vice president for smart appliances.
appliances  smart  dumb  technology  fridge 
19 days ago by pagecarr
The Best Bosch Appliances for Your Kitchen Upgrade
Whether you’re looking for one or several new Bosch appliances for your kitchen, you cannot go wrong when selecting any of these state-of-the-art appliances.
Bosch  appliances  kitchen 
27 days ago by Adventure_Web
Dalzells of Markethill
an Armagh-based home appliance retail shop, apparently doing good deals and with free delivery to Dublin. recommended by Karlin Lillington: "Superb prices, will do multi-purchase deals, FREE delivery to Meath/Louth/Dublin & bend over backwards to offer service & advice"
via:karlin  armagh  shopping  appliances  kitchen  home  import  tips 
27 days ago by jm
Nuvac VNR200 (Henry) Tub Vacuum Cleaner
Home products Equipment Machinery and Accessories Nuvac VNR200 (Henry) Tub Vacuum Cleaner
industrial  cleaning  accessories  household  electrical  appliances 
6 weeks ago by asaltydog
How to Pick Your Important Kitchen Appliances
How to Pick Your Important Kitchen Appliances
How  to  Pick  Your  Important  Kitchen  Appliances  -  houzz 
8 weeks ago by kilroy2

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