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Kirkville - Locations of Media Files in macOS Catalina
With macOS 10.15 Catalina, and the splitting of iTunes into three apps (Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV), media files will be handled a bit differently. Here’s where the various files will be located.
Music: By default, these files will be stored in ~/Music . (~ is a shortcut for your home folder, the one with the house icon and your user name.)
Apple TV: For TV shows and movies, the default location is ~/Movies . Music Videos, however, will stay in the Music app.
Podcasts: Podcasts are stored in a cache folder in ~/Library/Group Containers/ . This is not designed to be user accessible, and the podcast files do not display the original file names. You can, however, drag podcast files from the Podcasts app to the Desktop or to a folder.
Books: Since Apple spun off the Books app, ebooks have been stored in a folder in your Library folder: This folder will contain both ebooks and audiobooks. As with podcasts, you’re not intended to visit this folder, and ebook files do not have their original names, though audiobooks do display their names. However, if you select a file and press the space bar to view it in Quick Look, you will see its cover. (This is not currently the case with podcasts; using Quick Look on a podcast file lets you listen to it, but there is no album artwork attached.)
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15 hours ago by rgl7194
Seeking a reliable way of skipping 10s forward in YouTube TV app : appletv
This seems like a handy tip for skipping ahead within the YouTube app using the Apple TV remote:
“Something that works only on the YouTube app:

“Once the Interface is pulled up, press ‘Menu’ on the Siri remote once and it will disappear right away without the need to wait”
appletv  youtube  remote  2018  reddit 
18 days ago by handcoding
How to Connect Your AirPods or HomePod to an Apple TV
The first thing to do is to connect your AirPods. In the Settings app, go to Remotes and Devices → Bluetooth and check if your AirPods are already connected.
AirPods  appletv  apple 
21 days ago by josephaleo
C’est en toute discrétion qu’ vient de lancer une nouvelle chaîne YouTube, . Comme son nom le laisse …
AppleTV  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago by edelagrave
Apple Launches Dedicated YouTube Channel for Apple TV – MacStories
Over the last few weeks Apple has quietly debuted a new YouTube channel dedicated to one of its services: Apple TV. The Apple TV channel is home to a variety of videos, like trailers for upcoming films and TV shows, exclusive behind the scenes clips and interviews tied to popular shows and movies, and, of course, videos highlighting Apple's own original content efforts, like an Apple TV+ trailer and Carpool Karaoke previews.
Every video on the channel appears to be ad-free, which could offer a compelling reason to watch trailers for upcoming films, such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, through the Apple TV channel rather than a competing channel where ads are commonplace.
appletv  youtube 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
How to Reset the Advertising Identifier on your Mac, iOS Device, or Apple TV | The Mac Security Blog
In this week’s episode of the Intego Mac Podcast, we discussed the “advertising identifier,” a unique identifier assigned to each Mac, iOS device, and Apple TV. The subject came up because the Mozilla foundation is calling on Apple to reset this identifier once a month.
The advertising identifier on an Apple device does not identify you personally, but it can be used by advertisers to create a profile about you. If it’s never reset, that profile increases in detail, allowing advertisers to target ads to you based on your Internet activity.
Mozilla’s point is that resetting this identifier prevents advertisers from developing rather detailed profiles on users, and is simple to do. It’s not a hardware identifier (such as the EMEI of your iPhone), but rather a number generated by your operating system.
However, you can manually reset this advertising identifier, and it’s a good idea to do so regularly. Here’s how.
advertising  apple  privacy  tracking  ios  howto  appletv  mac 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
GitHub - iBaa/PlexConnect: Plex @ aTV - think different...
"We all want the pleasure of Plex on the big screen - in this case driven by an AppleTV. Unfortunately there are officially no Apps allowed on AppleTV, most of the time a jailbreak is late (iOS 5.2?) or not available at all (aTV3)."
appletv  plex  diigo 
8 weeks ago by doglord
‎MrMC on the App Store
Apparently you can use this AppleTV app to play a media file while also syncing the on-screen stuff with one’s Hue lights?
hue  sync  appletv  software  2019 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
Apple TV, hard core at last? |
And then there’s the new Apple TV+, the real new launch – whoop, whoop, whoop. A cavalcade of stars – Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey – all unveiled new mega shows that all sounded just fine. There were 30-something brand new content offerings in all and they all looked OK, and they all looked very expensive. They will not all be hits. And Apple seems to have no plans to license content, it’s going to build all its own. It has mentioned a $1 billion+ content budget, Netflix has earmarked $15 billion this year. Apple had toyed half-heartedly with TV for years, is it different this time?

Apple TV+ will be on smart TVs, Roku and Amazon and will eventually be in 100 countries. But there was no news on prices – and that’s a pretty big information gap. No whoop. It is going to have to compete with Netflix, so surely not much over $15? Its only original and exclusive content will be its own; will that be enough? And that’s before Disney D2C comes along. Disney is now the world’s biggest content company and has decades of experience. Netflix grew out of content distribution expertise. Amazon has other agendas and treats Prime as a loss leader – is Apple playing the same game, will Apple TV+ be a line in the ecosystem loyalty marketing budget? Or is it a technology company that can crack the often-tried, often-failed, shift to content success? That will be whoop worthy.
apple  tv  appletv  content  future 
12 weeks ago by dancall

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