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Mac OS X Automation
Sooner or later every individual, business, or organization is challenged to perform repetitive or complex procedures on their computers. Whether the task is renaming numerous files, batch processing images, or building documents using data from multiple sources, the need for powerful automation tools is shared by all computer users. Mac OS X is designed, from the ground up, for automation and offers a variety of integrated tools and technologies to solve your automation challenges.
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19 hours ago by dgalloway
"Incrementally backs up the contents of an iPhoto library to Flickr. This is especially useful now that Flickr offer 1TB of free space.

More specifically, it:

- Uses AppleScript to get a list of all photos in the top-level Photos section of iPhoto (this excludes photos shared by others, iPhoto's Trash, and so on).
- Uploads to Flickr any of those photos it hasn't uploaded before.
- Uses AppleScript to get a list of all 'regular' iPhoto albums (i.e. not smart albums or automatic ones, like Events or Faces).
- Creates a photoset on Flickr for any iPhoto album it hasn't already done that for.
- Adds any photo in an iPhoto album to the corresponding Flickr photoset if it hasn't already done so.

It makes no more than 1 request/second to the API, in line with Flickr's limit of 3600 requests/hour."
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yesterday by cbucher1
Another nice collection of AppleScript scripts -- scripts involving Notational Velocity, pandoc, markdown, mail, system, and more.
Apple  AppleScript  Automation  github 
yesterday by cbucher1
AppleScripts to create backup (SQLite database) of messages from iPhone backup directory, or of Firefox bookmarks. Also to tweet current song in iTunes and to shorten a URL.
Apple  AppleScript  github  backup 
yesterday by cbucher1
A nice collection of some pretty useful seeming AppleScripts.
AppleScript  Apple  Automation  github 
yesterday by cbucher1
Evernote Import Folder
Evernote Import Folder that tags files into Evernote with only a few keystrokes. Excellent for scanning paper documents, using Evernote as a "Cloud Drive”
automation  evernote  scripting  applescript  importer 
2 days ago by dbernstein
Automator parameters | Apple Support Communities
What can be passed to the script via the "parameters" of the Automator Run AppleScript action and how? Is there some way to script the parameters? If not what are the parameters for? Could script objects or libraries be passed to the AppleScript via the parameters? Thanks for any insights.
mac  applescript  Programming 
3 days ago by tkreagan
Date-/Time-Calculations using AppleScript | Erik's Lab
if you just want to perform time-calculations inside an AppleScript, then there is an easier way.
applescript  howto  snippet 
3 days ago by nealtz

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