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Using Drafts for Remote CLI
As a text file is added to a directory to which this AppleScript is associated as Folder Action, the content of the received file is executed as shell script and the generated output sent to an iOS device.
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3 days ago by bachya
Remote Printing
smart folder action script to print any doc dropped into a dropbox folder
osx  mac  dropbox  applescript  print  printing  airprint 
3 days ago by 3rdparty
10.8: AppleScript to close iCal Alerts - Mac OS X Hints
I have been meaning to figure this out. When you get a slew of notifications in OS X 10.8+, you have to dismiss them one at a time by clicking "Close." I miss Growl's Opt-click-dismiss-all... This solves the problem perfectly. Add a hotkey with FastScripts or run it from a launcher for instant notification clearing.
blogit  applescript  notificationcenter 
4 days ago by ttscoff
How to Automatically Open an Application On a Second Monitor
1. Create a new macro, and select Trigger by application. Choose the application you want to open on the second monitor. 2. Click on the "Interface Control" folder. Add "Manipulate a Window" to macro. 3. Click on the "Scale size by" drop-down and select any of the preset sizes under "Move and Resize" 4. Click…
osx  keyboardmaestro  multimonitor  applescript  automation 
4 days ago by michaelfox

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