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Introduction to AppleScript Language Guide
Defines the AppleScript scripting language. Includes many brief sample scripts.
applescript  reference  document 
yesterday by bolasblack
JavaScript for Automation Release Notes
Describes late-breaking news and highlights of new or changed features in the latest release of JavaScript for Automation.
applescript  automation  osx  javascript 
yesterday by bolasblack
Error Numbers and Error Messages
Defines the AppleScript scripting language. Includes many brief sample scripts.
applescript  document  error  number 
yesterday by bolasblack
Powerful script management utility.
Instant access to your scripts, by keyboard shortcut or menubar.
mac  shortcuts  productivity  scripting  Applescript  scripts  software  osx  keyboard  utility 
6 days ago by cantalaweb

This is where I am keeping my Alfred 2 workflows. This is where I am keeping my Alfred 2 workflows. It is best to download the whole repository as a zip and then double-click on the workflow you want to install into your Alfred. I currently have the following workflows:
alfred  applescript  automation  shell  node  tools  collection 
10 days ago by michaelfox
Save Time by Automating the Mac
When you tell someone about automation, the first thing that comes to mind is some futuristic fantasy where robots automatically do everything for you. Most people do not think about more practical application of automation. I'll define automation and show you how to make your Mac work for you. | Difficulty: Intermediate; Length: Long; Tags: Automation, OS X, Alfred, Hazel, Keyboard Maestro
automator  applescript 
11 days ago by monxoom
OS X Keyboard Shortcuts with AppleScript
Tutorial of how to set up keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X systems to run AppleScripts applications.
applescript  osx  automation  keyboard  scripting 
11 days ago by michaelfox

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