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I had previously written an OmniFocus library using JavaScript for Automation, but it’s got issues that vanilla AppleScript does not. Also, I realized that I didn’t really need the fancy regex abilities from JavaScript that I thought I needed, so I went back to standard AppleScript. It works just as well, and the source code is a lot more readable. I hope you find this new library useful.
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9 days ago by beery
osx - Selecting Random File in AppleScript - Ask Different
# Get list of files...
# For example: all .txt files (not folders) under Downloads and below.
set filelist to (do shell script "find ~/Downloads -type f -name '*.txt'")
on error eStr
# Do something here...
log eStr
end try

# Count the results
set n to count every paragraph in filelist

# Get a random no
set n to (get random number from 1 to n)

# Get the nth item from the results...
get paragraph n of filelist
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13 days ago by jacobsamlarose
AppleScript: Launching Scripts From Links
Visit for in-depth information and materials regarding automation in Mac OS X.
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13 days ago by colcustard

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