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How to Schedule an AppleScript on Mac OS X
"Power Manager can schedule AppleScripts to run regularly, as part of a schedule. The Schedule Assistant includes tasks to help create events that will run your AppleScript daily, on specific dates, or after a period of inactivity." (Hmm... Perhaps that might come in handy for scheduling an AppleScript that sets a shorter screensaver timeout at night, but longer during the day?)
screensavers  apps  software  mac  osx  applescript  2010 
7 hours ago by handcoding
JSON Helper: Example Scripts
tell application "JSON Helper"
set myJSON to make JSON from {dog:"Rover", cat:"Socks", pets:true, colors:{"black", "white"}}
return myJSON
end tell
AppleScript  JSON 
17 hours ago by carlton
Scripting from a Sandbox publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development
iOS  book  automation  AppleScript 
6 days ago by noahread
Making Your Mac App’s Data Scriptable publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development
iOS  book  AppleScript  automation  javascript 
6 days ago by noahread
Mac:Samba等のネットワーク上のボリュームをキーボードショートカットで開けるようにする方法。 | Macとかの雑記帳
tell application "Finder" to open location "smb://サーバーのアドレス"
7 days ago by milligramme
inessential: On Scripting
Graham Lee writes of The death of scripting and The paradox of scripting. But how can scripting be dead? There’s bash, and powershell, and ruby, and…even Perl…
app  apple  applescript  automation  scripting  automator  computers  design  interface 
7 days ago by evilkarlothian
Searching OmniFocus with Launchbar — Part 1
I was reluctant and lingered until I embraced OmniFocus as my panacea for task management; I was afraid it would overwhelm me with features and stifle my productivity with hoaxes, but that hasn't been the case. Launchbar has been my loyal companion since I began fiddling with automation on my Mac. We'll mingle both in this article: we'll search through all our tasks from Launchbar and learn some Javascript for Automation along the way. Getting Started Let's get something out of the way: this may be a hefty investment as you need the Pro version of OmniFocus to run JXA and that inflates the price tag for the Mac app to $80, then you probably want the whole suite and that will be more $40 for the standard iOS version or $60 for the Pro. Launchbar is almost an impulse buy in comparison at measly €24 (around $26). If you're still reading, I assume you're as enthusiastic for OmniFocus as myself, so avanti. If you didn't read Alex Guyot's introductory piece on MacStories, you should. I also suggest you watch the WWDC Session Video—Look for the Javascript for Automation title. After mastering the subject, open Script Editor and let's begin right after you stop cringing. We'll start with a very simple script to show all our available tasks1 . First we must get OmniFocus with the Application global property and store it in a variable for further use: var of = Application('OmniFocus'); Since I don't intent to dictate a script to you, let's get versed in the dictionaries, not the spelling kind, and much more verbose. Hit ⇧⌘O and select OmniFocus on the dialog and look for the Application object from the OmniFocus Suite. It's like Stack Overflow: you'll spend more time here than actually coding. Now you have access to the properties contained by the object, we're looking for the defaultDocument property, so let's update our script and assign another variable to stash this value: var of = Application('OmniFocus'); var doc = of.defaultDocument; The new variable, doc , is a Document object that contains different properties than the Application object. You can inspect the properties it holds by looking for it in the dictionary, it should be below the description you're currently in, otherwise look for the Document object under the OmniFocus Suite. There's a lot of cool stuff here that we'll explore later, but I want you to check the flattenedTasks object: it returns all your projects and tasks regardless of the hierarchy, this is yet not what we want
omnifocus  applescript  launchbar 
8 days ago by rdkeir

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