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lion - Is there a way to turn on and off the Mouse Keys feature using AppleScript or a terminal command? - Ask Different
Debugging System Preferences while changing the setting shows calls to LaunchUAServerIfNeeded and UAMouseKeysSetEnabled in the private UniversalAccessCore framework. Unless we reverse engineer that framework and write our own binaries, I don't think we'll get a proper programmatic way to do this.
applescript  universalaccess  accessibility  mouse-keys 
3 days ago by cfg
applescript - IF statement based on condition of mouse keys - Stack Overflow
set plistFile to (path to preferences from user domain) & "" as string -- Get the Universal Access plist path of this use
tell application "System Events" to set mouseDriver to value of property list item "mouseDriver" of contents of property list file plistFile -- read only the value for mouse keys
applescript  accessibility 
3 days ago by cfg
Rewriting AppleScript to appscript-rb, setting variable in Keyboard Maestro
I need to set a variable in Keyboard Maestro, and the documentation states that this can be done with AppleScript: tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" make variable with properties {name:...
applescript  ruby  automation  mac 
3 days ago by martijnengler
Inter-Process Communication - NSHipster
In many ways, the story of Apple has been about fusing together technologies through happy accidents of history to create something better than before: OS X as a hybrid of MacOS & NeXTSTEP. Objective-C as the combination of Smalltalk's OOP paradigm and C.
apple-event  applescript  communication  event  inter-process  mach-port  notification  osx  service  xpc 
5 days ago by pitiphong_p
Speed deferring Omnifocus tasks — Productive Academia
scripts to defer tasks using applescript and alfred 2 plus textexpander
OmniFocus  productivity  Textexpander  Alfred  applescript 
6 days ago by elethan

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