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JXA-Cookbook - Cookbook for JavaScript for Automation in Mac OS X Yosemite
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2 days ago by mblsha
A collection of Automator workflows (services) that speed up your design / development process. Compatible with LaunchBar 6 and 7 Actions A collection of Automator workflows that speed up your design and development process. Compatible with LaunchBar 6 and 7.

Create App Iconset
Create .icns
Unpack .icns
Create favicon.ico
Create favicon.ico (multi-resource)
Add @2x (@3x) Suffix
Copy & Add @2x (@3x) Suffix
Create @2x (@3x) Image
Remove @2x (@3x) Suffix
Convert Image Format
Resize Images
Rename Selected Files
Create DMG Image
Open with rmate
Compress Images
Encode Selected Files Using Base64
Convert Selected Text to Audio File

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4 days ago by michaelfox
Getting it together with TaskPaper and AppleScript · Andrew Shuttleworth
Here’s the short version:

TaskPaper on the Mac, enhanced by TextExpander
Apple iCloud Reminders on iOS
Everything synced just the way I want it with AppleScript
Bonus: Logging of done tasks to Day One
taskpaper  productivity  applescript  gtd  dayone  mac  Software  textexpander 
7 days ago by cplamper

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