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AppleScript - Inside OmniFocus
Use AppleScript support in OmniFocus 2 to do powerful things, automatically.
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10 days ago by vesan
AppleScript to prepare your laptop for a presentation — Work Smart and be Remarkable!
# Script to prepare the laptop for a presentation
# It switches off all unneccesary applications, mute volume and switches on Caffeine
# Make sure you have also switched on "Do not disturb" for
# "when mirroring to TVs and projectors" (in Preferences/Notification)
# Latest update: August 3, 2015

set question to display dialog "Ready to switch to presenation mode?" buttons {"Yes", "Cancel"} default button 1
set answer to button returned of question

if answer is equal to "Yes" then

tell application "Dropbox" to quit
tell application "OmniFocus" to quit
tell application "TextExpander" to quit
tell application "Pomodoro Timer" to quit
tell application "nvALT" to quit
tell application "Mail" to quit
# add here your applications that you want to switch off
# if you are not sure about the exact name, start "Activity Monitor" (e.g. search it with Spotlight)
# and look up the "Process Name" (first column) in the list of running processes

# kill Hazel separately, since it does not run as an application
# thanks to Hazel support for their help here
# the script basically looks for the process named "HazelHelper" in the list of running processes
# gets the process ID and stops it
set app_name to "HazelHelper"
set the_pid to (do shell script "ps ax | grep " & (quoted form of app_name) & " | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'")
if the_pid is not "" then do shell script ("kill -9 " & the_pid)

#- sound
# Note only mute if you don't use sound for your presentations
set volume with output muted
#- calendar alarms

# switch on
tell application "Caffeine" to activate
# Thanks to Bonnie from @bonni208
# The next line makes the script more robust. Now it works with various preference settings.
tell application "Caffeine" to turn on

end if
automation  applescript  presentation 
11 days ago by koencolpaert
Daring Fireball: Writing AppleScripts That Dynamically Target Either Safari or WebKit
Get default browser from AppleScript.

This suggests that 'webkit' (so presumably chrome now) and Safari both support at least some of the same applescript.
apple  applescript 
13 days ago by mattfoster
drdrang/te-url-snippets: A set of TextExpander snippets for getting and transforming the URLs of current browser pages.
te-url-snippets - A set of TextExpander snippets for getting and transforming the URLs of current browser pages.
textexpander  applescript  github 
15 days ago by sergiojvalentin

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