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Delete 'Where From' metadata from files - Mac OS X Hints
If you run xattr on your downloaded file, like this:

xattr /Path/To/File

You'll get a key named To delete this key in the Terminal, run:

xattr -d /Path/To/File

I knew I would have to do this often, so instead of running a shell script every time I wanted to strip the Where From, I wrote an AppleScript:
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yesterday by astroud
Try with John Gruber's word count script.
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4 days ago by toby
Python Email Script
#!/usr/bin/env python# send a text email from the command line using python# created 6/25/09 by Hank McShane# version 1.0# The code at the following URL was modified to create this script:#…
smtp  Python  email  scripting  AppleScript  mail 
4 days ago by colcustard
The AppleScript “display notification” Command
The AppleScript “display notification” command in OS X
notification  applescript 
5 days ago by colcustard
MacTech | The journal of Apple technology.
Volume Number: 25 Issue Number: 10 Column Tag: AppleScript by Ben Waldie With the release of Snow Leopard, AppleScript developers will no doubt be in store for a few surprises. While the AppleScript…
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8 days ago by colcustard
Keyboard Maestro
lets you do wonderful things, but it’s an awkward, brittle way to make stuff happen on your computer.

keyboardmaestro  applescript  automation  scripting  wiki 
9 days ago by michaelfox
A litter of LB6 actions Brewed myself or juryrigged from old applescripts.
applescript  automation  alfred 
10 days ago by michaelfox

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