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I am writing a script that sets chairs evenly around a circular table. I used the "And Gate" shape for this but the origin appears to be at top left of shape, but not for all objects. I am setting the chairs in a circle,…
software  applescript 
yesterday by kaidoh
Find Safari Tabs with AppleScript
"If you sometimes find yourself with so many tabs in Safari that you can't find things and end up opening them again in a new tab, this script can help.

"It asks for a search term, which it matches against the name (title) of every open tab, as well as the URL. If it finds one match, it raises that window to the top and switches to that tab. If it finds multiple matches, it offers you a list of matches that you can select from."
safari  applescript  tabs  2017 
2 days ago by handcoding
org-mac-protocol/ at master · claviclaws/org-mac-protocol · GitHub
A suite of scripts that allow the user to annotate their org-mode buffers without switching focus from other OS X applications.
The following applications are currently supported: Safari, Mail, Address Book, Skim, BibDesk...
computers  emacs  applescript 
6 days ago by dfphil
Building OS X Apps with JavaScript
Tyler Gaw is a Web Designer & Developer in New York, New York

Tyler Gaw is a Web Designer & Developer in New York, New York

javascript  osx  automation  scripting  applescript  resource  reference  documentation 
13 days ago by michaelfox
Create Bookmark in Chrome Apple Script
spillo-applescript - AppleScript examples for Spillo
script  codes  applescript  chrome 
14 days ago by kristylob
Tonight I decided to try and address these two deficincies. First I can now handle the case where a folder is the “input” parameter; though my knowledge of applescript is so deficient I can only deal with one layer of directory heirarchy - sorry, no recursion. I also now test for the extension of the file being processed to make sure it is an .avi before proceeding (otherwise I just skip the file).

Yesterday I also made the script look a little more generic by hiding some of the elements of my directory structure by using words like “me” - today I decided to just post it as I wrote it. You will have to change some variable values to make this work on your system.
itunes  convert  AppleScript  video  Handbrake  example 
15 days ago by tcgonline

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