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macOS Catalina 10.15.4 beta 2 brings live lyrics on to the Mac
AppleMusic  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by gpjohn
‎SongShift on the App Store
I linked Playlistor last time, and Petr Ruzicka [mentioned]( that there's an iOS app for converting Spotify and Apple Music playlists. It's free, but after testing I gladly paid the $5 to upgrade to Pro and hook in extra services and batch conversions. It works perfectly.
spotify  applemusic  music 
14 days ago by ttscoff
Playlistor - Apple Music <-> Spotify playlists
Convert Spotify playlists to Apple Music and vice versa. I've been looking for a solid way to do this for a while and this seems to be working perfectly.
spotify  applemusic  music 
20 days ago by ttscoff
Breaking J-Rock playlist continues to be one of the best ways to discover awesome new music/artists.…
AppleMusic  from twitter
6 weeks ago by richardy
Introducing MusicBot: The All-in-One Apple Music Assistant, Powered by Shortcuts - MacStories
Introducing MusicBot: The All-in-One Apple Music Assistant, Powered by Shortcuts
apple  ios  music  shortcuts  applemusic 
9 weeks ago by skinna123
Introducing MusicBot: The All-in-One Apple Music Assistant, Powered by Shortcuts
MusicBot encompasses dozens of different features and aims to be an all-in-one assistant that helps you listen to music more quickly, generate intelligent mixes based on your tastes, rediscover music from your library, control playback on AirPlay 2 speakers, and much more.
shortcut  applemusic 
10 weeks ago by davidroessli

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