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Shoothill GaugeMap
RT : exceeds Highest recorded level! 4.410m:30pm Latest Levels , Updated every 15 minutes
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Live Flood Warnings - GOV.UK
RT : 4 Severe flood warning issued for , Flooding is expected. Take immediate action
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Why TechCrunch is boring, SAP is not, and the world has gone mad | People, Process & Technology
RT @applebyj Why TechCrunch is boring, SAP is not, and the world has gone mad << Well said
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december 2011 by steinermatt
SAP HANA vs Oracle Exalytics – the game is on | People, Process & Technology
HANA vs Exalytics – the game is on by ->Good comparison as lots of different views on this.
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october 2011 by steinermatt
SAP Inside Track Newtown Square Room 1_4 HANA
[catching up on what I've missed] @applebyj 's presentation abt #SAPHANA really gets the message across - | excellent!
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september 2011 by steinermatt
The Best Non-Fiction of 2010 | PopMatters
Joyce Appleby chronicles the development of capitalism (something she sees as far from inevitable) while acknowledging both its lamentable vices and undeniable virtues. Indeed, this is the history ofcCapitalism without an axe to grind. One of the great virtues of Appleby’s book is that it shows how intimately economic issues have been at the center of almost all of the key political and cultural issues of the past 250 years. The book almost doubles as a history of the modern world, touching upon the most important political and cultural developments of each century; indeed, economic issues often drive the political and cultural events. Thus, the book is an important key to understanding both the world that we live in as well as a helpful corrective to those who want to mystify capitalism and make it more than what it is: a historically contingent, often effective, and frustratingly fallible way of organizing our economic life.
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