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React Native vs Swift - A Side-by-Side Comparison for iOS application development
With React Native being used by small to big organizations, there is a greater chance that minds of aspiring developers have been scattered with the cloud of doubts as of which technology is more suitable to develop the iOS applications.
ReactNative  Apple_Swift  Swift  SwiftLang 
21 days ago by GameGamer43
Writing a simple Pascal interpreter in Swift
About a month ago I stumbled on a series of blog post called Let’s build a simple interpreter by Ruslan Spivak. In these blog posts the author write about building a simple interpreter for the Pascal programming language in Python. It is very well written and explained, I would even say that all the concepts are explained better than in the compiler course I took at the university.
Swift  Apple_Swift  SwiftLang  Pascal  Compiler_Programming  Compilers 
6 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Teaching App Development with Swift - Swift Education
Engage students with a project-based curriculum, and guide students in creating iOS apps. Adopt projects and lesson plans to fit your course and different learning styles. Create real apps that teach students Swift, the iOS SDK, and the Apple developer toolset.
apple_swift  swiftlang  swift  github_repos 
november 2017 by GameGamer43
The complete guide to Network Unit Testing in Swift
Let’s face it, writing tests is not so popular in iOS development (at least in comparison with writing tests for backend). I used to be a solo developer and I wasn’t initially trained as a native “test-driven” developer. So I have spent a lot of time studying how to write tests, and how to write testable code. That’s why I’m writing this article. I want to share what I’ve found while doing testing in Swift. I hope, my insights will save you time beating around the bush.
Apple_Swift  Swift  SwiftLang 
august 2017 by GameGamer43
Using Swift's Attributes
I think all iOS developers have all been here: we just pick up programming, or start learning a new language where things are foreign - and we happen across some code. We may not understand it, but we think it works. So, we take it in good faith and continue on, none the wiser.
Swift  Apple_Swift  SwiftLang  Buffer  BuddyBuild 
july 2017 by GameGamer43
Swift: When to use guard vs if
One thing I’ve noticed recently in my code-base is that I tend to default to guard vs if. In fact, whenever I write an if statement, I facepalm myself and change it to a guard without thinking much.
Swift  Apple_Swift  SwiftLang 
may 2017 by GameGamer43
Realm: Create reactive mobile apps in a fraction of the time
In this talk, I’d like to share my experiences building a Web API in Swift for one of our iOS applications. We will explore what it takes to build a web service in Swift and how to design and consume an API that can evolve over years, leveraging hypermedia and declarative programming.
Apple_Swift  SwiftLang  Swift 
may 2017 by GameGamer43
Swift with a hundred engineers |, the Swift Community.
All right, thanks for having me up here. I'm Tuomas Artman. I'm the tech lead for architecture and frameworks at Uber, which means that I have an awesome job. I get to work with probably the most talented people I've ever met in my life. On architecture, defining how Uber build out their applications, used by millions of people.
Apple_Swift  Swift  SwiftLang  Uber  Uber_Engineering  Uber_Engineering_Blog 
april 2017 by GameGamer43
How to Make a Web Crawler in Swift 🕷 – Swiftly Swift – Medium
More often than not, my App Suite is thirsty for information that can be found around the Web.
Swift  Apple_Swift  SwiftLang  web_crawling 
april 2017 by GameGamer43
Timac » Blog Archive » Apple’s use of Swift in iOS 10.1 and macOS 10.12
Swift has been announced at the WWDC 2014, more than 2 years ago. Most of the sample code projects from Apple are now written in Swift. But does Apple use Swift in iOS 10.1 and macOS 10.12.1?
Apple_Swift  Swift  SwiftLang  Apple_iPhone_Development  Apple_Mac_Development 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
An Introduction to the Swift Package Manager
The Swift Package Manager, officially released alongside Swift 3.0, is a new way to create Swift libraries and apps on macOS and Linux. It helps you manage your dependencies and allows you to easily build, test and run your Swift code.
Ray_Wenderlich  Apple_Swift  Apple_iPhone_Development 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
Blog — Julia Geist
What happens when a user clicks on an app to launch it? How does tapping on an icon from the home screen actually get to my code running in a ViewController?
Swift  Apple_Swift  SwiftLang  Apple_iPhone_Development 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
Naming Things in Swift - Ash Furrow
Lately, I’ve been using different programming languages and environments, trying to diversify my skills. I’ve been working regularly in React, Swift, Objective-C, and Scala, and they all have their own idioms and conventions. It’s been a real learning experience, getting to compare and contrast the languages, and to use what I learn to become a better Swift developer, too.
Ash_Furrow  Swift  SwiftLang  Apple_Swift 
february 2017 by GameGamer43
Building a Compiler in Swift with LLVM, Part 3: Code Generation to LLVM IR - Harlan Haskins
If you've gotten this far in the tutorial, then you'll have built a Lexer and Parser for the Kaleidoscope programming language. If you haven't read those, I'd strongly recommend reading Part 1 and Part 2 first.
Swift  SwiftLang  Apple_Swift  LLVM  Compiler_Programming  Compilers  Harlan_Haskins 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Building a Compiler in Swift with LLVM, Part 2: AST and the Parser - Harlan Haskins
In Part 1 of this tutorial, we built a lexer in Swift that can tokenize the Kaleidoscope language. Now we're going to write a parser that can turn code from this language into an Abstract Syntax Tree, or AST.
Swift  SwiftLang  Apple_Swift  LLVM  Compiler_Programming  Compilers  Harlan_Haskins 
january 2017 by GameGamer43

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