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Former Apple Intern Looks Back at Designing First Apple Emoji in 2008 - Mac Rumors
Back in 2008, Angela Guzman was a graphic design student at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and an intern at Apple, where she joined the iPhone team and worked alongside another Apple designer, Raymond, to come up with the first 500 emoji characters that were available on the iPhone.
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10 days ago by GameGamer43
Apple's Cyclone Microarchitecture Detailed
The most challenging part of last year's iPhone 5s review was piecing together details about Apple's A7 without any internal Apple assistance. I had less than a week to turn the review around and limited access to tools (much less time to develop them on my own) to figure out what Apple had done to double CPU performance without scaling frequency. The end result was an (incorrect) assumption that Apple had simply evolved its first ARMv7 architecture (codename: Swift). Based on the limited infor...
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16 days ago by GameGamer43
Learning with Privacy at Scale - Apple
Understanding how people use their devices often helps in improving the user experience. However, accessing the data that provides such insights — for example, what users type on their keyboards and the websites they visit — can compromise user privacy. We develop a system architecture that enables learning at scale by leveraging local differential privacy, combined with existing privacy best practices. We design efficient and scalable local differentially private algorithms and provide rigorous analyses to demonstrate the tradeoffs among utility, privacy, server computation, and device bandwidth. Understanding the balance among these factors leads us to a successful practical deployment using local differential privacy. This deployment scales to hundreds of millions of users across a variety of use cases, such as identifying popular emojis, popular health data types, and media playback preferences in Safari. We provide additional details about our system in the full version.
Privacy  Apple  Apple_Computers  Apple_Security  Apple_Privacy  MachineLearning  Machine_Learning 
6 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Apple scientists disclose self-driving car research
(Reuters) - Research by Apple Inc (AAPL.O) computer scientists on how self-driving cars can better spot cyclists and pedestrians while using fewer sensors has been posted online, in what appears to be the company’s first publicly disclosed paper on autonomous vehicles.
Apple  Apple_Computers  Reuters 
8 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Silicon is “Unforgiving,” Says Apple’s Chip Chief Johny Srouji - CTech
In an exclusive interview with Calcalist, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies discussed Apple’s ascent up the supply chain ladder, and the fine balance between what the company plans to buy from vendors and what it plans to develop in-house in the future
Apple  Apple_Computers  Johny_Srouji 
9 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Audio and Transcript: Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive speaks at The New Yorker's TechFest 2017
In a conversation at The New Yorker's TechFest conference in Manhattan on Friday, Apple chief designer Jony Ive gave a small glimpse into the development of the upcoming iPhone X, and the time that it takes for technology to catch up to ideas —and AppleInsider was there.
AppleInsider  Apple  Apple_Computers  Jony_Ive 
october 2017 by GameGamer43
Apple is really bad at design | The Outline
The “notch” on the new iPhone X is not just strange, interesting, or even odd — it is bad. It is bad design, and as a result, bad for the user experience. The justification for the notch (the new Face ID tech, which lets you unlock the device just by looking at it) could have easily been accomplished with no visual break in the display. Yet here is this awkward blind spot cradled by two blobs of actual screenspace.
Apple  Apple_Computers  Joshua_Topolsky 
october 2017 by GameGamer43
How One of Apple's Key Privacy Safeguards Falls Short | WIRED
FOR THE PAST year, Apple has touted a mathematical tool that it describes as a solution to a paradoxical problem: mining user data while simultaneously protecting user privacy. That secret weapon is "differential privacy," a novel field of data science that focuses on carefully adding random noise to an individual user's information before it's uploaded to the cloud. That way, a company such as Apple's total dataset reveals meaningful results without any one person's secrets being spilled.
Apple  Apple_Security  Apple_Computers  Wired 
september 2017 by GameGamer43
Apple's 11 'rules for success' revealed by former sales employee - Business Insider
A former Apple employee shared a little bit of inspiration and motivation on Reddit earlier this week.
Apple  Apple_Computers  Business  startup_information  BusinessInsider 
august 2017 by GameGamer43
Hidden Apple job listing requires serious computer skills to find - Business Insider
One way to get your foot in the door at Apple is to know where to look to find secrets hidden on its website.
Apple  Apple_Computers  BusinessInsider 
august 2017 by GameGamer43
Former Apple product design engineer reveals how Apple runs its factories | Cult of Mac
On this week’s Apple Chat (the podcast formerly known as Kahney’s Korner): I talk with former Apple product design engineer Anna-Katrina Shedletsky about her take on modern manufacturing and how AI will revolutionize factories. She introduces us to her new company, Instrumental, which is using machine learning to help manufacturers identify and fix problems on their assembly lines.
Apple  Apple_Computers  Cult_of_Mac 
june 2017 by GameGamer43
Tony Fadell Shares New Details on Prototype iPhone Software With Virtual iPod Clickwheel - Mac Rumors
According to Fadell, the longstanding story suggesting there were two teams at Apple (one led by Fadell and one led by Scott Forstall) competing with one another to develop the iPhone's OS isn't quite accurate. There were multiple UI possibilities being explored by both the hardware and the software teams, who were working together.
Tony_Fadell  Apple  Apple_Computers  Apple_iPhone  MacRumors 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
iPod godfather Tony Fadell describes early work on iPhone, time he almost lost a prototype in an airport | 9to5Mac
Earlier today we shared some of the tricks Apple used to perfect its on-stage demonstration of the iPhone 10 years ago. Phil Schiller and Tim Cook have also offered up comments on the anniversary, with Cook touting that “the best is yet to come.”
Apple  Apple_Computers  Tony_Fadell  Apple_iPhone 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Growing a Different Apple - The New York Times
At Pearl Automation, former Apple employees are blending their old employer’s high quality standards with less paranoia and more openness.
Apple  Apple_Computers  NYTimes  Pearl_Automation 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Apple refugees dish on how iPhone development culture echoes into Pearl Automation
A collection of Apple engineers who have departed the company over the years formed Pearl Automation, and are keeping the best of Apple's corporate ethos, and dishing about the worst.
Apple  AppleInsider  Pearl_Automation  Apple_Computers 
january 2017 by GameGamer43
Apple engineer describes what it was like to work on the original iPhone – BGR
When Steve Jobs decided that Apple should go ahead and build its own branded smartphone, he entrusted his trusty lieutenant Scott Forstall to assemble a team of Apple’s best and most ambitious engineers to develop what would ultimately be known as iOS. That Jobs was quick to give Forstall so much responsibility wasn’t much of a surprise. Throughout the early-mid 2000s, Forstall played an increasingly important role in spearheading successive versions of OS X. What’s more, Forstall already had a strong working relationship with Jobs stemming from their time together at NeXT.
Apple  Apple_Computers 
december 2016 by GameGamer43
Apple employees describe the best and worst things about working for Apple - Business Insider
Apple has a strict code of secrecy that it expects all employees to live by. Anyone who breaks it is fired.
Apple  Apple_Computers  BusinessInsider 
december 2016 by GameGamer43

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