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L’iPhone 7 Plus version Macintosh n’aura jamais été aussi beau | MacGeneration
L’iPhone 7 Plus est peut-être un joli smartphone, mais rien ne sera plus beau que le Macintosh de 1984. Rien.
yesterday by caeypi
Un nouvel Apple TV (4K ?) sous tvOS 11 apparait dans des logs | iGeneration
Apple en plein développement du futur Apple TV. Un appareil inconnu au bataillon, l’ « AppleTV6,2 », est en effet apparu dans les journaux de connexion de l’éditeur Firi Games, connu pour ses jeux de tir.
yesterday by caeypi
Voilà la machine à remplacer les écrans d'iPhone (et autres détails) | iGeneration
Voilà à quoi ressemble la machine utilisée dans les Apple Store pour calibrer l'écran d'un iPhone après son remplacement. Un technicien en a fourni une photo à Motherboard qui s'interrogeait sur l'aspect de cet outil.
yesterday by caeypi
Le hacker Jonathan Zdziarski rejoint Apple | MacGeneration
Jonathan Zdziarski rejoint Apple, le spécialiste en sécurité l'annonce lui-même sur son blog.
yesterday by caeypi
Free White Clay Apple Devices Mockups for Personal and Commercial projects
White Clay Apple Devices Mockups with changeable background,
at resolution 1920 x 1080 px, 
for Sketch and Photoshop
apple  mockups  websites  clay 
yesterday by buda
iTunes Link Maker
Create links for Apple Music, the iTunes Store, the App Store, the iBooks Store, and the Mac App Store.
Apple  AppStore 
yesterday by rchrd_h
Hackers still threaten a remote wipe of iPhones, despite Apple’s statement – BGR
Why are they targeting Apple? Well, strangely enough, this appears to be some sort of retaliation for the recent measures the Department of Justice has taken against the four hackers that breached Yahoo in 2014, an attack that may have affected more than 500 million users.
apple  security 
yesterday by jasonsamuels
Stories of Apple on Patreon | Jaguar Vs Cognac
The two projects which aimed to bring RISC technology to the Macintosh had totally different approaches and resources… read more by becoming a supporter of Stories of Apple on Patreon!
p2w  articoli  english  soa  apple  risc  hardware  storia  patreon 
yesterday by nicoladagostino
Report a Problem
nice to see that made it easy to cancel an app purchase within 14 days or get an invoice at
apple  from twitter
yesterday by eeichinger
The end of smartphone innovation — Benedict Evans
Of course, that is only true until the next S curve comes along and resets the score, just as the iPhone did to both Microsoft and Nokia. The trend this year is to say that this new S-Curve will be voice (I'm skeptical) or just AI in general (yes, but I'm not sure it changes the dynamics in phones). AI certainly is the new S-Curve in the tech industry, but for actual devices you carry around with you, I increasingly think that augmented reality is the next fundamental platform shift. AR, in the sense not of waving your phone at something but of glasses that can place objects into the world around you, can probably be the new universal interface, replacing multitouch just as multitouch is replacing the windows/mouse/keyboard model. 
augmented-reality  future  trends  apple  hardware  technology 
2 days ago by dancall

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