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MrMac-苹果团 - 互联网人首选的Apple购机平台
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3 hours ago by scopex
LinkDesk's Devices app for HomeKit lets you control smart accessories using ARKit - 9to5Mac
It’s no secret that Apple is incredibly bullish on the future of augmented reality, having introduced ARKit 2.0 as part of iOS 12. Now startup LinkDesk is using ARKit to allow you to control your HomeKit accessories. via Pocket
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yesterday by evansthompson
Proof That iOS Still Hasn’t Gotten Undo Right
iOS has a long way to go when it comes to the level of consistency and polish of macOS.

Personally, if I were designing an iOS drawing app I’d probably go the first route, and follow Apple Notes’s lead with “↺” and “↻” buttons. But to Procreate’s credit, they clearly know these multi-finger tap gestures are both unusual, not intuitive, and utterly non-discoverable, because the very first thing they do when you first launch the app is teach you about them. Think about that: iOS user interface conventions are so shallow, so widely and wildly inconsistent, that an app proclaimed by Apple as the very best of the year has to start, as the very first thing you see when you launch it, by teaching you how to use Undo. That’s a sad state of affairs.

Interesting point about the menu bar. The humble menu bar may be one of the most innovative and enduringly useful UI design patterns of all time.

I’m left even more impressed by the original Mac team who got so much of these things right early on. iOS is eleven years old now and it’s still struggling with UI design consistency or design leverage.

What it comes down to, I think, is that the menu bar has become a vastly underestimated foundation of desktop computing. Once heralded, the menu bar is now seen as a vestige. I’m not arguing that iOS should have a Mac-style menu bar. I’m simply pointing out that without one, iOS is an 11-year-old platform that is still floundering to establish consistent conventions for some basic features, let alone complex ones, that are simple and obvious on the Mac.

Imagine going back in time to tell a MacPaint user in 1985 that they’d have to learn how to use Undo in an Apple-award-winning paint app in 2018. That’s where we are.
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yesterday by jefframnani
Electron and the Decline of Native Apps
Agree 100%. We’re currently in a state of transition when it comes to application platforms and design. Will the future be chaos or will be find a new, better point in the design space?

From a thread on Twitter by SwiftOnScurity about the demise of EdgeHTML at Microsoft.

The Mojave App Store app certainly isn’t written using Electron. But the problem with Electron apps isn’t really Electron — it’s the decline in demand for well-made native Mac apps. And that is ominous. The biggest threat to the Mac isn’t iPads, Chromebooks, or Windows 2-in-1’s — it’s apathy towards what makes great Mac apps great.
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yesterday by jefframnani
How to exclude a sub folder from iCloud drive in macOS Sierra? - Ask Different
add a file called 'iCloud.nosync' to any folder to stop it syncing to iCloud.
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yesterday by markogara

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