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disk utility - External Hard Drive Won't Mount - Ask Different
I personally ran this a bunch of times to be able to mount my drive to rescue the data. During this rescue process I rebooted my machine many times and everytime the hard drive wouldn't mount on its own. I had to kill the `fsck` processs. I think it finally got resolved when I had finally copied all the data and moved on, that I let the `fsck` process finish on its own.

Nevertheless, the Time Machine backup was corrupt and just reformatted my drive. Now I think things are back to normal.
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january 2019 by racl101
osx - os x terminal -remove files older than x days - Ask Different
This particular answerer is very cautious if not pessimistic about using -exec rm at the end of a find command within a Bash shell script. Understand why this is so? Get a good understanding.
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october 2015 by racl101

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