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Why Apple's New Monitor Stand Costs $999
The Apple Pro Display XDR was launched at the 2019 WWDC alongside the Mac Pro – to great excitement from pro users and pundits alike. Only one issue: the US$5,999 monitor ships without a stand – it takes a whopping US$999 top-up to purchase the proprietary Apple option. The new Pro Display XDR matches the...

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Why  Apple’s  New  Monitor  Stand  Costs  $999 
10 days ago by vrzone
Apple's Clean Energy Program Doubles With Foxconn, TSMC, hardware suppliers
Environmental concerns have been at the forefront of Apple’s latest initiatives. Today, the tech giant announced that they have doubled the number of suppliers committed to 100% clean energy goals, bringing the total to 44 at present. With this, the manufacturer is slated to exceed its goal of bringing 4 gigawatts of renewable energy to...

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Apple’s  Clean  Energy  Program  Doubles  With  Foxconn  TSMC  hardware  suppliers 
10 weeks ago by vrzone
Apple's New Airpods Are Here, Cost S$299 With Wireless Charging Case
The Apple Airpods true wireless earbuds have been a phenomenon, exploding in popularity despite early apprehension over its unorthodox design. Updated, improved, but retaining its form factor, the Apple Airpods second generation is now available with the new Wireless Charging Case.   The new Airpods are now powered by the Apple-designed H1 chip, taking over from the W1 chip that...

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Apple’s  New  Airpods  Are  Here  Cost  S$299  With  Wireless  Charging  Case 
march 2019 by vrzone
Apple's iMac Is Now 2x Faster With AMD Pro Vega Graphics, Intel Core 9th Gen CPU
Apple has updated its iMac line of all-in-one desktop solutions for the first time in nearly two years. The iMac is the more standard model of desktop computers, with the higher-specced iMac Pro targetted at professional users. Available in two sizes, the iMac has been upgraded internally to feature the latest Intel 9th generation processors...

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Apple’s  iMac  Is  Now  2x  Faster  With  AMD  Pro  Vega  Graphics  Intel  Core  9th  Gen  CPU 
march 2019 by vrzone
Apple's S$749 New 10.5-Inch 2019 iPad Air: A12 Bionic Chip, Larger Display
Ahead of its slated March 25 event, and as part of an online Apple Store update, Apple today announced long-anticipated updates to the iPad Air and iPad Mini families. The iPad Air is considered by many to be the budget model in the company’s tablet lineup. In its latest iteration, the iPad Air retains a...

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Apple’s  S$749  New  10.5-Inch  2019  iPad  Air:  A12  Bionic  Chip  Larger  Display 
march 2019 by vrzone
Apple’s WWDC 2019: What to Expect on June 3
Apple has announced the return of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year on the 3rd of June 2019. Held in California at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, it is expected to open with a series of keynotes by key Apple executives including CEO Tim Cook, and will last till June 7....

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Apple’s  WWDC  2019:  What  to  Expect  on  June  3 
march 2019 by vrzone

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