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Reading disks from 1988 in 2018 - Six Colors
How to transfer Apple ][ disks to a modern Mac.
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january 2018 by ddribin
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cffa compact flash / usb drive interface card
september 2016 by squiddisco
[PDF] APPLE II Reference Manual
"This recreation of the 1978 Apple ][ Redbook is courtesy of Gerry Doire."
apple][  reference  via:ddribin 
september 2016 by force
I’m Old, Part XX: I ♥ 6502 – Steve's Tech Talk
"Writing code in in 6502 was tedious, but it was a great first exercise in practical Turing Completeness. I could write anything in 6502 that could be written in BASIC, and it ran a hell of a lot faster, but I had to write a lot more code to do it."
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august 2016 by ddribin

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