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Northern Pass Appeal Edges Forward At The N.H. Supreme Court | New Hampshire Public Radio
The state's highest court will soon decide whether to take testimony in the fight over the Northern Pass transmission line.
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yesterday by eversourcenh
Great Bay Advocates Appeal N.H. SEC Approval Of Eversource Power Line | New Hampshire Public Radio
The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee will decide next week whether to reconsider its approval of a new power line on the Seacoast.
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15 days ago by eversourcenh
Intervenors Criticize Northern Pass Appeal in Supreme Court Filing -
Several intervenor groups claim Eversource raised issues in its appeal of the regulators’ decision to deny the Northern Pass project that the state Supreme Court should not consider.
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4 weeks ago by eversourcenh
My Turn: Dissecting the Northern Pass appeal narrative
Imagine seeking a review of your case with the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Why wouldn’t you take assiduous care to present it in a way that would prove unassailable?
concordmonitor  op-ed  northernpass  appeal  opponent 
5 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Eversource Blasts Regulators in Northern Pass Appeal to Supreme Court -
Calling the Site Evaluation Committee’s decision to deny Northern Pass’s application a rush to judgement, Eversource’s attorneys say regulators made numerous legal errors in arriving at its decision.
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6 weeks ago by eversourcenh

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