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RT : We provide best Mobile Application Development Services.
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4 days ago by ormg
RT : Let’s examine the top that will mark its way in 2018!
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6 days ago by ormg
451 JFrog update
"JFrog reports more than 4,000 paying customers... 451 Research estimates JFrog's annual revenue at between $70m and $90m."
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16 days ago by cote
Spring Framework Creator Rod Johnson Returns to Automate Continuous Deployment
“A typical use case for Atomist would be to run an automatic update across hundreds of repositories. Incrementing a single library version across those hundreds of products could be automated, and once each was done, each branch could be built, and the results of those builds could be reported to a developer. Alternately, successful builds could generate a pull request for the library update to each relevant project. This, said Johnson, keeps developers from running around, updating dozens of projects individually by hand and testing the successes one at a time.”
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7 weeks ago by cote

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