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Board For GitHub
Board For GitHub macOS Application Website
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22 hours ago by benjamincharity
How to clear Twitter's storage cache on iOS – The Sweet Setup
From the main Twitter screen, tap Me → Gear icon → Settings → Data usage. In the Data usage screen, there is Storage section at the bottom. In each one of these options, tap Clear media storage to immediately clear the cache. Of course, it will continue growing as you use Twitter, so be sure to do this every few weeks.
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23 hours ago by rmateu
Readdle Update Their Apps With Custom Drag and Drop
More thoughts from me on Readdle's latest updates.
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yesterday by chrishannah
Drag & Drop between Readdle apps sets the bar for cross app interactions on the iPad
Readdle has added drag and drop on their iPad apps! I'm still hoping for a native way to do this on iOS, but this is incredible!
From a developers perspective, that must if been so hard to do, given the seamlessness shown in the video.
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yesterday by chrishannah

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