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As smartphone ownership increased (now at 76% in the UK, while a February 2016 report from the Pew Research Centre states that a median of 68% of adults report owning a smartphone in 11 “advanced economies” countries) and mobile devices are taking over PC in accessing the internet, mobile is the way that many audiences mediate the world. However, it’s worth noting that the key change that came about in 2007 was the introduction of applications commonly known as apps - software that could be published by anyone and downloaded by users to their own device. Applications such as Word or Adobe PDF reader had been around for years but the idea that these were now easier to publish and easily accessible for people to download onto a device they carried with them all the time, seemed like the ultimate democratic product. Organisations could take control of their own digital destiny and so apps have come to dominate the conversation about mobile use.
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Phey || Keek an eye on your (Upcoming) Product's subscribers/votes 📈 || || Product Hunt, Analytics, Web App
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RT : Enterprise, security, the , – what development has up its sleeve this year.…
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Tyke is a macOS menu bar application I made because I really needed it.
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