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APL At Its Core
July 2018

As it is the case with all groundbreaking languages, APL is not so much a language as it is a family of ideologically related sister languages. This family includes members like Dyalog APL, A+, K, Q, and of course the relatively popular J programming language.

A defining property of APL languages is their level of terseness and ability to crunch not just numbers, but also bulks of data with the very same piece of code. The problem with this definition however is that terseness is not an exclusive asset of the APL family of languages and neither is vector calculation. Extremely short code and the ability to manipulate arrays of data is also commonly attributed to the WolframLanguage, but I would not consider it an APL, because the way it gets their is a whole lot different.
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A Sudoku Solver in APL - YouTube
APL has changed quite a bit since I last used it in 1984 or so! (I first used it in 1977 on an IBM 5100 luggable minicomputer.)
2 days ago by hashanp
What is Futhark? | Futhark - A High Performance Functional Array Language
Futhark is a small programming language designed to be compiled to efficient parallel code. It is a statically typed, data-parallel, and purely functional array language in the ML family, and comes with a heavily optimising ahead-of-time compiler that presently generates GPU code via OpenCL, although the language itself is hardware-agnostic. As a simple example, this function computes the average of an array of 64-bit floating-point numbers:
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Language as an intellectual tool: From hieroglyphics to APL - McIntyre

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Language as an intellectual tool: From hieroglyphics to APL - McIntyre

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5 weeks ago by briantrice

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