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25 days ago by renaudjx
Fifty Shades of J - J Wiki
@hwayne: "I’m a few chapters in and it’s fantastic. The eight character rule and the f~g construct alone would be worth paying money for!"
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5 weeks ago by mechazoidal
The more I work with an APL, the more I notice a serious problem. Not the weird symbols, you get used to that pretty fast. Not the write-only aspect, that’s annoying but can be solved with a good syntax highlighter. The biggest problem with APLs, in my opinion, is discoverability: it’s hard to know what you’re supposed to be writing.

I’ll use J to demonstrate what I mean. Here’s the J Vocabulary. There’s about 200 primitives there. There’s also the minimal beginning J which is ‘only’ 35 primitives. This isn’t, by itself, a problem. Part of an APL’s power comes from the diversity of primitives baked into the language. Using the right primitives will make your code fast, simple, and elegant.

How do you find the right primitive, though?
10 weeks ago by rcyphers
[Rencontres économiques] débat autour de l’effet inflationniste des - I…
APL  lelogementenFrance  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by Beaver909

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