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Adrian Sampson: FPGAs Have the Wrong Abstraction
FPGAs can be used for more than circuit emulation (just as GPUs can be used for more than graphics). But of the language for expressing such programs does not yet allow this kind of use.
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28 days ago by mcherm
OpenAPI Specification | Swagger
The specification for APIs (formerly swagger, now OpenAPI).
refs  standards  REST  APIDesign 
7 weeks ago by mcherm
How not to design a wire protocol | Armed and Dangerous
Wire protocols can be binary or readable. The binary ones save space; the readable ones are self-documenting. Personally, I wonder if something like protocol buffers can do both... saves space AND once identified the documentation is complete and available. Only the last point is missing.
EricRaymond  via:HackerNews  APIDesign  networking 
march 2019 by mcherm
The Three Principles of Excellent API Design | Nordic APIs |
We feature Arnaud Laruet on building purposeful, usable, and properly constrained APIs: 3 qualities he explores in his book The Design of Everyday APIs.
arnaud_lauret  apidesign  restapinotes  thomas_bush 
december 2018 by mreinbold
Good API Design - Speaker Deck
Introduction to Good API Design – The deck I've used at API Mastermind Workshop Amsterdam

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october 2018 by kinlane

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