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API Definitions Are Important
Governance - I’d like to see a formal way of expressing API governance guidance that can be viewed by a human, or executed as part of the pipeline, ensuring that all API contracts conform to a set of standards.
kin_lane  netapinotes  api_documentation  openapi  asyncapi  postman  stoplight.io  json_schema 
5 weeks ago by mreinbold
5 things you need to fix in your API documentation - Osaango - Open the right doors using APIs!
It was a good thing there was a bar at the party after the first day of NordicAPIs Platform Summit 2018 in Stockholm. After token validation (the beer tickets were in text messages), I needed a bottle of beer. Ok, I was thirsty, too. I needed the bottle to demonstrate my point to Ted Epstein on...
marjukka_niinioja  api_documentation  restapinotes 
october 2018 by mreinbold
Making the Most of Your API Specification – Stoplight API Corner
By leveraging the features available — especially when using the OpenAPI Specification — you have more chance of increasing the breadth and depth of understanding in your developer community.
chris_wood  stoplight.io  api_documentation  restapinotes 
october 2018 by mreinbold
Open APIs in Digital Finance: How to Start Engaging Developers | CGAP
To entice third-party app developers to innovate with APIs, digital financial services providers should start thinking of developers as customers and provide the right kinds of resources.
mark_boyd  fintech  restapinotes  api_documentation 
may 2018 by mreinbold
Schema-First API Design
From the DEV community. Sharing ideas that makes us all better developers.
yos_riady  openapi  api_design  api_documentation  restapinotes 
february 2018 by mreinbold
What is the MVP for a Developer Portal? | Pronovix
What information is absolutely essential on a developer portal? What kind of API documentation do you need? Is there a best practice that can be followed when launching a developer portal? We formulated 11 questions and built 3 mock sitemaps that demonstrate how portals can address the different stages of the developer journey.
kathleen_de_roo  api_documentation  restapinotes  kristof_van_tomme 
february 2018 by mreinbold

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