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RT : Time for and "The design of everyday APIs."
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september 2018 by kinlane
Gauging API Success: Knowing What Metrics to Measure --
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january 2018 by kinlane
Rio de Janeiro to open taxi app API
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december 2017 by kinlane
De-jargoned: Application programming interface
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august 2017 by kinlane
The problems with Swagger - NovaTec Blog
“In my opinion you want to have hypermedia just because of evolvability alone.” -- @barraganc https://t.co/oj2tjMXSsS #API360
– Mike Amundsen (mamund) http://twitter.com/mamund/status/856281281365245953
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april 2017 by eeichinger
The 5 Basic API Design Paradigms - CloudObjects Blog
, , ... there are many approaches to ! We've categorized them into 5 basic paradigms:
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april 2017 by kinlane
“YASMIN (Yet Another jSon Message notatIoN)”
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march 2017 by kinlane
Resource Oriented Design  |  Cloud APIs  |  Google Cloud Platform
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“What is a REST API?” https://t.co/P2ZTnS30OG /via Google API Design Guidelines #API360

— Mike Amundsen (@mamund) February 23, 2017
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february 2017 by eeichinger

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