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How to Use Disk Utility to Securely Wipe the Data Stored on a Drive | Other World Computing Blog
Securely wiping a drive has long been a feature of Disk Utility and its erase function. We're going to look at erasing volumes, partitions, and containers.
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6 weeks ago by twleung
Seeing 's «FileUtils.copy_entry(source, destination, true)» mis-copy mtime on files on with by a…
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7 weeks ago by clonezone
“Imaging is dead!” Now what? — Part 3 | Blog | Jamf
Regardless of the company culture, organizational structure or educational environment, these workflows and tools can aid in drastically reducing the downtime it’ll take to switch from monolithic imaging and help provide a more efficient deployment strategy in the long run.
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7 weeks ago by dlkinney
“Imaging is dead!” Now what? — Part 2 | Blog | Jamf
For the example below, we will be deploying a non-Mac App Store app and a policy that contains a setting. You can use these templates for every other item you wish to deploy, though some you may want to leave out the “Self Service Policy” as it may only be necessary to deploy once at time of provisioning.
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7 weeks ago by dlkinney
“Imaging is dead!” Now what? — Part 1 | Blog | Jamf
For quite some time, there have been whispers that “imaging is dead.” Neat. That’s either all fine and dandy, or the scariest three words an IT admin ever wishes to hear. The questions remain…but what do I do instead? How much work is it going to take to transition into another workflow? Where am I going to find the time to test this all and build out so many more processes? Do you understand that I’m the only IT admin and I’m already busy doing everything else? I’ve been doing monolithic imaging for decades! Monolithic just works. All very valid points. Imaging as we know it has changed with the introduction of APFS (Apple “proprietary” File System). Fret not, for if you’re a Jamf Pro user, you have already worked with the necessary processes and workflows needed to create a new and more efficient provisioning process at your organization, both businesses and schools alike!
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7 weeks ago by dlkinney
Acquisition Forecast | Acquisition Planning Forecast System
Oracle Subject Matter Expertise support for CG-LIMS for the Coast Guard Logistics Information Management System (CG-LIMS) program. The CG-LIMS Program, in conjunction with the CG-LIMS Sponsor Representative and subject matter experts from USCG business segments, will utilize workshops to review logistics “as-is” processes that will be aligned to standard “to-be” processes that are achievable with Oracle’s EBS “out-of-the-box” (OOTB) functionality. These workshops will result in the standardization of USCG logistics business processes to be supported by the future functionality of CG-LIMS. The resultant enterprise OUM process artifacts (e.g., RA.015s) will document the “to-be” standardized business processes and ultimately support the enterprise configuration of CG-LIMS.
7 weeks ago by dan.p.taylor
Acquisition Forecast | Acquisition Planning Forecast System
APFS Number
F2018042304 NAICS Code
541519 Component
DHS HQ Sub-component
Management Directorate
Contract Vehicle
BPA Dollar Range
$5,000,000 to $10,000,000 Small Business Program
None Contract Status
HSHQDC-16-A-00004 Contract Complete
Sept. 27, 2021
Estimated Release
Aug. 24, 2018 Anticipated Award Quarter
Q4 2018
POC Name
Shantelle Coleman POC Phone
2024470993 POC Email
In supporting the Data Framework (DF) Program Office as a whole, the Contractor shall provide services to support the programmatic, policy, communications, and compliance functions needed for the DHS DF Program, to include but not limited to: • Project Management and Implementation Support • Strategy, Policy, Data Governance Support • Product Management • Strategic Outreach Support • Strategic Communications Support • Support for Emerging Tasks and Strategic Initiatives
8 weeks ago by dan.p.taylor
Why is High Sierra so horrible? | Page 11 | MacRumors Forums
Here are some of the issues:

if you use a sparse disk image with APFS inside, it will calculate available space incorrectly and write data that can't actually be preserved (because the space isn't actually there). That's a fairly severe reliability bug, but you're unlikely to use this feature.
performance seems a little hit-and-miss.
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8 weeks ago by foliovision
Acquisition Forecast | Acquisition Planning Forecast System
APFS Number
F2018042821 NAICS Code
541512 Component
United States Coast Guard Sub-component
C4IT (Command, Control, Communications, Computer & Information Technology
Contract Vehicle
Contract Dollar Range
$2,000,000 to $5,000,000 Small Business Program
TBD Contract Status
Chugach Federal Solutions Contract Number
HSCG44-12-D-TEDSSC Contract Complete
Aug. 26, 2024
Estimated Release
July 23, 2018 Anticipated Award Quarter
Q4 2018
POC Name
Roy Weber POC Phone
757-686-6758 POC Email
The Coast Guard has determined the need for services in support of the Biometrics at Sea System (BASS) equipped Coast Guard units. This support shall include system updates, deployment, maintenance support, onsite and remote support, collection and storage of operational metrics in a secured and controlled database, hardware and software configuration management, and training. The emphasis on the scope for BASS during this period is to assist the Coast Guard in transitioning sustainment support from the legacy SEEK II device deployed to several District 7 units to a tablet PC biometrically enabled device with deployment expansion throughout the Coast Guard; and continued engineering of BASS within the Coast Guard Domain Awareness portfolio.
APFS  USCG  biometrics 
july 2018 by dan.p.taylor
Acquisition Forecast | Acquisition Planning Forecast System
The Secure Flight Program in conjunction with programs within the Technology Solutions Division (TSD) has a requirement to support transitioning several program offices to an agile environment. Agile Coaching is required in order to transition the program offices of Secure Flight and TSD from its current practice and methods (primarily waterfall to agile). Basic requirements include the following: 1) Conducting a thorough review and analysis of the current business practices within the program; 2) Gathering information from each component on its mission to the program, to the organization and also to the Department; 3) Collaborating with Technology Leads; 4) Developing and documenting, aligning processes, procedures, and guidance documents to successfully transition the program components from their current processes to a more agile process; and 5) Support Government Program Managers and Technology Managers with implementing and providing Agile Coaching techniques to transition business areas to the documented agile business processes. In addition, agile coaches must be certified professionals in Scrum and SAFe 4.5 (certified by Scaled Agile Framework) and have specific experiences to include Scrum certified by Scrum Alliance or Scrum.org. Anticipated Strategy: DHS Strategic Sourcing Vehicle SEAD (Services for Enabling Agile Delivery)
agile  DHS  APFS  TSA 
july 2018 by dan.p.taylor
APFS to HFS+ Converter | Paragon Software Group
Fast and lossless conversion of APFS volumes into HFS+ volumes for your Mac by Paragon Software.
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july 2018 by ferdinandfuchs

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