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RT : Aussie Super Hornets buzzing Port Moresby
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november 2018 by BiteTheDust
Moon Festival in Taiwan, meeting again. Today we have (Women and the Economy working group) s…
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september 2018 by crystaltu
Mid-sized powers must unite to preserve the world order
Gideon Rachman

New times call for new thinking.....the world’s middle powers, Germany, France, Japan and Britain, have a dilemma: America and China are increasingly tempted to break free of the constraints of international agreements and to use their power to achieve their goals, unilaterally. Russia lacks the economic might of a great power. But it has the territorial expanse and the nuclear arsenal, and has made a mighty contribution to an atmosphere of growing international lawlessness.

The middle powers cannot flex their muscles like great powers. But they are international players, with global economic and security interests. They need a world with rules. ...What could the middle powers actually do, other than give each other consoling hugs? They should start by noting the similarity of their positions and concerns. For decades, the six middle powers have organised their international positions around two pillars: a strong relationship with the US and membership of a powerful regional grouping, such as the EU, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The Donald Trump era has upended their assumptions. Whatever the Europeans, Australians, Japanese and Canadians say publicly, they are all dismayed by the current direction of the US. The protectionism of the Trump administration is a direct threat to their economic interests. (The US is likely to press ahead with steel tariffs on the EU on June 1.) The US’s current unpredictability and incipient isolationism also poses questions about the robustness of its security guarantees to its allies.

With US leadership increasingly erratic, the middle powers should do more to co-ordinate their positions and lobby on the big global issues: trade, climate change, arms control and peace efforts in the Middle East and Asia.
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may 2018 by jerryking
Breaking News – China Deployed HQ 9 Air Defence System In South China Sea | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Breaking News – China Deployed HQ-9 Air Defence System in South China Sea Breaking News – China Deployed HQ-9 Air Defence System in South China Sea On February 14th, a satellite image shows China has deployed surface-to-air missile launchers on the Woody Island in the South China Sea. China has apparent deployed the HQ-9 air […]
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august 2017 by wotek
RT : Inside Turnbull's trip to . 's latest cartoon. For more:
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november 2016 by neerav
David Rowe's cartoons | afr.com
RT : Inside Turnbull's trip to . 's latest cartoon. For more:
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november 2016 by neerav
APEC CEO Summit 2016
CEO Summit 2016 will take place 17-19 November in Lima, . Find out more:
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august 2016 by schee
APEC Enhances Personal Data Security with System Expansion
Read how #APEC promotes #data privacy for businesses in #AsiaPacific:
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february 2016 by schee

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