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New mobility trends: China leads the way — Roland Berger
As China's cities continue to face rapid population growth, the demand for transport solutions ever increases. Car-sharing is booming around the country, with annual growth rates of 45 percent predicted until 2025. But Chinese ride-hailing companies are branching out beyond their traditional business and rapidly expanding up the value chain: no longer do they just provide a platform that connects clients with available cars, they now offer maintenance, have installed their charging stations, are selling services such as traffic management and optimization to city councils and are even thinking of buliding their own cars.
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4 days ago by dancall
Retailers Race Against Amazon to Automate Stores - The New York Times
One effort is a chain of more than 100 unmanned convenience shops from a start-up called Bingo Box, one of which sits in a business park in Shanghai. Shoppers scan a code on their phones to enter and, once inside, scan the items they want to buy. The store unlocks the exit door after they’ve paid through their phones.

Alibaba, one of China’s largest internet companies, has opened 35 of its Hema automated grocery stores, which blend online ordering with automated checkout. Customers scan their groceries at checkout kiosks, using facial recognition to pay electronically, while bags of groceries ordered by customers online float overhead on aerial conveyors, headed to a loading dock for delivery to shoppers.
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4 days ago by dancall
How livestreaming is transforming China's gray market for the digital age | Glossy
Armed with an iPhone X, a Wi-Fi connection and a tripod, the Chinese livestreaming marketplace ShopShops coordinated the sale of a $14,500 Birkin bag. The bag was part of the personal collection of the owner of Biggercode, a luxury boutique in Soho, who showed off his own Hermès pieces during a livestreamed shopping show that took place in his store in the fall of 2017. While in New York it was after normal business hours, the ShopShops host Kana Ma came in, displayed, and described in Mandarin the qualities of different apparel, shoes and accessories sold by Biggercode for an audience of around of thousands tuning in from China.

The sale of the Birkin — which was paid for directly through the ShopShops’ Taobao Global store, no returns accepted — contributed to the platform’s biggest one-day haul of $40,000 in sales. It was the first of two Birkins that would be sold through the marketplace.
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10 days ago by dancall
The Future of Retail is Happening Right Now in China | Alizila.com
If you need evidence of the U.S. retail sector’s precarious condition, consider that over 9,000 stores closed last year, and another 12,000 are on the chopping block this year, according to commercial property firm Cushman & Wakefield.

Despite a 4.2 percent rise in 2017 over the previous year, U.S. retail growth is lumpy and clearly not firing on all cylinders. Every week brings gloomy news of bankruptcies or downsizings. Online sales, meanwhile, have been climbing, underpinning the sector’s overall growth.
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China Now Has the Most Valuable AI Startup in the World - Bloomberg
SenseTime Group Ltd. has raised $600 million from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and other investors at a valuation of more than $3 billion, becoming the world’s most valuable artificial intelligence startup.

The company, which specializes in systems that analyze faces and images on an enormous scale, said it closed a Series C round in recent months in which Singaporean state investment firm Temasek Holdings Pte and retailer Suning.com Co. also participated. SenseTime didn’t outline individual investments, but Alibaba was said to have sought the biggest stake in the three-year-old startup.
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14 days ago by dancall
What Meituan’s Mobike buyout means for the market
The web was awash with rumors on Tuesday; by Wednesday afternoon, Meituan-Dianping announced it was buying Mobike in a multi-billion-dollar deal.
The transaction, reported to be in the region of US$3.4 billion, looks to be the most significant bike-sharing deal to date – not just in terms of value, but also the impact it will have on the industry.
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17 days ago by dancall
Didi Chuxing took on Uber and won. Now it's taking on the world | WIRED UK
Didi’s smartphone app currently works much like its US-based rivals Uber and Lyft, offering rides from drivers in their own cars or regular taxis. What sets the company apart is scale. With 400m registered customers in more than 400 Chinese cities, it delivers 25m rides a day, roughly twice as many as Uber and all the other global sharing apps combined. In the future, Liu imagines an even larger purpose, as Didi uses big data and machine learning to fix the many problems that snarl-up urban areas. “When you redesign the transportation system, you basically redesign the whole city,” Liu says. “You redefine how people should live.”
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18 days ago by dancall
Alibaba to Localize Japan’s Hit ‘Travel Frog’ Game for China | Alizila.com
A Japanese mobile game about a charming, traveling frog, which has surged in popularity in Asia since its November launch, is getting translated for the China market, thanks to Alibaba Group.

The game, “Tabi Kaeru: Travel Frog,” has already found success in China as well as Japan, earning millions of downloads in the Middle Kingdom over the past four months even though only a Japanese-language version of the game is currently available.

But now, as a result of an exclusive partnership between Alibaba and the game’s developer, Hit-Point, a Chinese-language and localized version of Travel Frog will launch in China.
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18 days ago by dancall
How influencer Zoe Zhang drives retail sales on Alibaba's Taobao | Glossy
In China, e-commerce livestreams starring key opinion leaders (the equivalent of the Western influencer) have serious selling power on platforms like the Alibaba-owned marketplace Taobao. Now, these influencers are using the format to put smaller U.S.-based brands on the map in a market they otherwise wouldn’t be able to break into.

About 40,000 people tune in every week when blogger, former fashion designer and influencer Zoe Zhang hosts a new livestream featuring a product she has discovered. Of those 40,000, there is a group of 1,500 loyal customers who reliably purchase everything Zhang endorses over the course of a livestream, which lasts around two hours depending on how many samples she has to show. Sales aren’t made on a commission basis, rather, Zhang and Yuan buy products wholesale through brands and sell them at retail to consumers in China.
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18 days ago by dancall
ShopShops 哪逛
ShopShops is an interactive, livestream global marketplace that connects retailers and brands directly with cross-border shoppers. We have virtualized the physical shopping experience for global consumers by providing them with real-time curation, interaction and content.
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18 days ago by dancall
Foxconn buys peripheral maker Belkin for $866M | TechCrunch
Foxconn, best known for manufacturing practically everything in the world, has just announced the purchase of Belkin, the PC peripherals company, for $866 million in cash. (Technically its networking-focused subsidiary, Foxconn Interconnect Technology, made the purchase.) That certainly makes it one of the larger consumer electronics acquisitions in recent memory.

You probably know Belkin for its various lines of accessories, peripherals, and assorted consumer electronics; Linksys, surely the most recognizable router brand, is a subsidiary. Wemo and Phyn might also ring a bell.

The purchase is likely aimed at giving Foxconn a foothold of its own in the peripherals and networked devices market. Belkin’s CEO and founder (35 years on), Chet Pipkin, will continue to operate the company as a wholly owned subsidiary and may join FIT’s management team.
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20 days ago by dancall
Tmall Partnership With Ford Gives Test-Drives a Tune-Up | Alizila.com
Tmall on Monday unveiled China’s first “auto vending machine,” partnering with American carmaker Ford Motor for the first phase of a larger push to upgrade the test-drive experience for Chinese consumers.
The “Super Test-Drive Center,” in Guangzhou, offers three-day test-drives to potential buyers researching their next purchase, allowing them to choose from more than 100 vehicles, including the Explorer SUV, Mustang, Edge and Everest models.
“We are looking for ways to simplify customers’ lives and give them the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience,” said Dean Stoneley, vice president of marketing at Ford Asia Pacific, at a launch event.
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25 days ago by dancall
Alibaba Gives ‘Sight’ to Its Smart Speaker | Alizila.com
Alibaba Group has launched its newest human-computer interaction platform, called AliGenie 2.0, enabling “sight” so that the platform can do everything from reading bedtime stories to children in Chinese to recognizing different medicine bottles.

The platform, developed by Alibaba’s A.I. Labs and launched last week, is used in Alibaba’s Tmall Genie, the top-selling voice-controlled speaker in China, the only market where it is currently available. Powered by AliGenie, the device can understand commands in Mandarin Chinese, the most widely used language in the world.
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25 days ago by dancall
Winners and losers in the mega Grab-Uber deal
In an ideal world, this is not the outcome Uber wanted. But at least in terms of pure dollars and cents, it’s set to reap a profit. In an email to employees, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi explained that the company invested US$700 million in the region but now has a 27.5 percent stake in Grab that is worth billions. If Grab continues to do well, Uber could benefit even more.
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China’s Face-Scanning Craze - The Atlantic
China is rife with face-scanning technology worthy of Black Mirror. Don’t even think about jaywalking in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. Last year, traffic-management authorities there started using facial recognition to crack down. When a camera mounted above one of 50 of the city’s busiest intersections detects a jaywalker, it snaps several photos and records a video of the violation. The photos appear on an overhead screen so the offender can see that he or she has been busted, then are cross-checked with the images in a regional police database. Within 20 minutes, snippets of the perp’s ID number and home address are displayed on the crosswalk screen. The offender can choose among three options: a 20-yuan fine (about $3), a half-hour course in traffic rules, or 20 minutes spent assisting police in controlling traffic. Police have also been known to post names and photos of jaywalkers on social media.
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27 days ago by dancall
How Tencent’s medical ecosystem is shaping the future of China’s healthcare · TechNode
Enter Tencent—China’s largest internet company by market capitalization—armed with government endorsements, the most used app in China, new AI medical imaging technology, and tons of cash to invest in medical startups.

“Any sort of technology solution that adds greater efficiency or accuracy to [the Chinese healthcare] system will help improve it dramatically,” founder of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting Mark Natkin told TechNode. “Tencent is introducing all these features and processes, WeChat [services] amongst them, that add efficiency and ease to the process. On the treatment side, anything that can pull together data from multiple hospitals and use that data to improve diagnoses is, again, a huge move forward.”
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28 days ago by dancall
Maserati Dealerships in China Get ‘Smart’ | Alizila.com
The Italian ultra-luxury brand has partnered with Tmall to become the first automaker to leverage Alibaba’s smart-store technology.
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4 weeks ago by dancall
China: WeChat offers huge opportunity in social retail - Raconteur
Social shopping mixes it up, it offers recommendations and chat from trusted sources, which is big in China, as an extension of the idea of guangxi, where you only do business with people you know, combined with the convenience of mobile shopping. It’s extremely popular among millennials and in a relatively short time it’s managed to reach almost ubiquity.

“The platform is rich in features and it has created a whole new ecosystem by which people can easily order, pay, rate and share experiences,” explains David Avgi, chief executive of SafeCharge.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Will Coca-Cola become Japan's tipple of choice? | Smart Insights
The brand is set to launch a boozy version of its beverage in the shape of a Japanese alcopop. The new drink will join the “Chu-Hi” range of canned sparkling flavoured drinks that are especially popular in the region. Sold in most local supermarkets and widely available from vending machines, “Chu-Hi’ is an amalgamation of the words “highball” (a mixed drink) and “Shochu,” (a spirit distilled from rice barley, sweet potatoes and other ingredients).  Chu-Hi alcoholic content ranges between 3-9% proof (which saves producers from paying the higher taxation given to stronger drinks).
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Would you choose a partner based on their 'citizen score'? - BBC News
But remarkably, Chinese consumers don't seem too concerned, according to a major piece of research by Dentsu Aegis.
Its Digital Society Index, based on interviews with 20,000 people, finds that Chinese consumers trust the digital economy more than any other nationality - 70% believe it will have a positive impact on society.
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5 weeks ago by dancall

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