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Mahjong Chem
play mahjong to practice oxidation numbers, polyatomic ions, whether a compound is a strong or weak electrolyte, electron configurations, weak and strong acids and bases, whether pairs of compounds form precipitates, metric prefixes, and elemental symbols
science  chemistry  practice  atoms  molecules  matter  acid_base  measurement  redox  applet  AP_chem  games  nomenclature  electrons 
8 days ago by MsHsi
Immersive Periodic Table | Nature
in honor of the Table's 150th anniversary, an interactive table with brief articles about each element (including discovery, uses, sources, etc.), and images/videos/other materials
science  chemistry  AP_chem  periodic_table  atoms  reference 
february 2019 by MsHsi
Periodic Table Database
a whole database of periodic tables! includes methods to filter tables (by age, by data or not, etc.), a section on non-chemistry-tables, and papers about tables
science  chemistry  AP_chem  periodic_table  atoms  resources 
january 2019 by MsHsi
What is entropy?
by Jeff Phillips (TED Ed) entropy and statistics/probability (5:19 min.)
science  chemistry  AP_chem  movies  thermodynamics  math  TED  energy 
january 2019 by MsHsi
The Flint Water Crisis: What's Really Going On? | ACS
from Dec 2016, the chemistry (incl. equations!) of how the corrosion of pipes works and the contamination of tap water
science  chemistry  AP_chem  flint 
september 2018 by MsHsi
Flint Water Study
blog-style updates on periodic lead measurements, court filings, political statements, (etc.) from Virginia Tech. Also sections for lesson ideas
science  chemistry  flint  AP_chem  social_justice 
september 2018 by MsHsi
How Lead Ended Up in Flint's Tap Water
C&ENews article on the chemical actions that created the Flint, MI problems. Also lots of links to outside info/data and other articles.
science  chemistry  AP_chem  flint  social_justice 
september 2018 by MsHsi
Acid/Base tutorials | ChemCollective
long list of tutorials around acids, bases, calculations for concentrations, ICE tables, buffers, titrations
science  chemistry  AP_chem  equilibrium  acid_base  tutorial 
april 2018 by MsHsi
Equilibria tutorials | ChemCollective
long list of step-by-step tutorials for Le Chatelier and general equilibria.
science  chemistry  AP_chem  equilibrium  acid_base  tutorial 
april 2018 by MsHsi
Lemon battery breaks Guinness World Record - Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2016 - BBC Four
video segment creating a lemon battery, from the Royal Institution 2016 Christmas Lectures (3:31 min.)
science  chemistry  physics  electrochem  electricity  movies  united_kingdom  AP_chem 
april 2018 by MsHsi
Acid-Base Stoichiometry vs Equilibrium Calculations
Scott Milam shows several calculations that use stoich and/or ICE tables. Long and thorough (19:53 min.)
science  chemistry  AP_chem  movies  acid_base  tutorial  stoichiometry  equilibrium 
march 2018 by MsHsi
Acid-Base Stoichiometry vs. Equilibrium Calculations
Scott Milam goes through when to use stoich/BCA and when to use ICE tables. Four example problems (19:54 min.)
science  chemistry  AP_chem  movies  stoichiometry  acid_base  equilibrium  tutorial 
january 2018 by MsHsi
Chempages Netorials _ UWisconsin Madison
nice tutorials to walk through basic chemistry: stoich, yields, limiting reactants, solution calcs, ICE tables
science  chemistry  AP_chem  tutorial  stoichiometry  acid_base 
october 2017 by MsHsi
redox titration
Wayback Machine version of Tom Greenbowe's applet. Complete a redox titration simulation
science  chemistry  AP_chem  applet  stoichiometry  redox 
october 2017 by MsHsi
copy of Tom Greenbowe's tutorial for acid/base titration applet. included strong and week acids and bases
science  chemistry  AP_chem  acid_base  applet 
october 2017 by MsHsi

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