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A Work in Progress - Problemforfuturetech
The Enterprise's final confrontation with Nero leaves them limping back to Earth without a warp core. Jim is much worse off than he's been letting on both physically and mentally. A well-timed call from an old friend may yield the advise he needs and the thought of seeing his kids again may just be the push he needs to get help. Thank god he has the two best families a man could ask for.
author:problemforfuturetech  aos  multi-chaptered  wip  explicit_violence  pre-ksm 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
The Things He'll Never Know - TAFKAB
In an AU where Jim was expelled from Starfleet for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru and became a firefighter, Leonard McCoy obtained custody of Joanna and is trying to make a quiet life as an emergency medic in Atlanta. That is, until a series of suspicious fires reveals that someone wants him and Joanna dead...
author:TAFKAB  explicit_sexual_content  aos  au  first_time  multi-chaptered  wip 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Exhibits A to D - klmeri
There was a time when Jim Kirk wanted nothing more than to be alone. Now he can't stand the thought. It doesn't help matters that his situation is of his own making, since he is the one who expressed the exact opposite of his real feelings to the two people he needs most in his life. Now Jim's mistake has cost him a chance at happiness—and possibly all three of their lives.
author:klmeri  aos  pre-ksm  multi-chaptered  wip 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
The Still Point of the Turning World - TAFKAB
Based on prompt: McCoy is a captain, Spock is his CMO, and Kirk got disciplined for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru. (He's working his way rather erratically up the ranks, under the somewhat exasperated patronage of Christopher Pike.) Add Cardassians and drug-induced precognition, a healthy dose of developing McSpirk, and kinky alien duck-dick smut into the mix... and you have this story.
author:TAFKAB  aos  one-shot  first_time  explicit_sexual_content  au  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Through the Plane of Existence - LegendsofSnark
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. Bones wakes up in an seemingly abandoned hospital. That is, until he meets someone that really shouldn't be there.
author:legendsofsnark  aos  established  one-shot  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Just give me a reason - LegendsofSnark
Kirk is jealous, Spock and Leonard assure him that everything will be fine
author:legendsofsnark  aos  established  one-shot 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Honeysuckle, Blue Hyacinths, Yarrow - Boldly_going_places
Jim works in a flower shop and two Science Boys fall in love with him. Spones + Kirk.
author:boldy_going_places  aos  au  first_time  multi-chaptered  wip 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Your Hands: My Collar - The67ImpalaDragonChild
From the moment he was born, everyone knew James Tiberius Kirk's soulmate was going to try and kill him. Not just in a metaphorical way. They were literally going to kill him. He had their pity.
Spock has always known that he will have two soulmates. But will the one survive?
Leonard knows that he has a soulmate. He just isn't at all prepared for what's coming.
author:the67impaladragonchild  aos  au  multi-chaptered  wip  first_time 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Do You Understand? - RisingQueen2
Prompt: Star Trek, Bones/Kim/Spock. jim is captured by some rival boss or mob. Jim got caught on purpose to find their base and spock knew but bones didn't and when spock and bones save save jim but bones is furious with jim and punishes him for being careless and reckless while spock helps.
author:risingqueen2  explicit_sexual_content  aos  one-shot  established 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
You're out, almost anyway - LegendsofSnark
Spock and Kirk are rivals, when set up on the same hit they both know Bones, both want to protect him.
author:legendsofsnark  aos  one-shot  pre-ksm 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Threw It All Away. - 3DBABE1999
In which both Spock and Bones are morons and accuse Jim of cheating on them because "there is "no way" that either of them could have gotten Jim pregnant" and Jim suffers horribly due to their ignorance..
author:3DBABE1999  aos  mpreg  explicit_sexual_content  explicit_violence  multi-chaptered  wip  established 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
For You - jcp_sob_rjl_lmep
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. Aka Operation 'Woo the Doctor' goes a little wonky, but it all turns out well in the end.
author:jcp_sob_rjl_lmep  aos  first_time  multi-chaptered  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
ash and shadow (here comes the hero) - ladybubblegum
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. On a routine mission, the crew encounters a gentle race of alien creatures and Jim has to make a difficult decision
author:ladybubblegum  aos  established  one-shot  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Arrayed In Gold - jcp_sob_rjl_lmep
When she's five years old, Spock starts school. T'Pau decides that's old enough, and Spock goes over to her house every day after school to learn how to be a daughter of Surak.
author:jcp_sob_rjl_lmep  aos  au  genderswap  first_time  one-shot 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Mission Critical - mage_989
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. It started as a peaceful away mission, because it always starts as a peaceful away mission.
author:mage_989  aos  multi-chaptered  wip  established  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
For the World is Hollow - starfleetdicks
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. Tiberius kissed the space under Horatio’s ear. Nosed just under the brown wisps of hair curling at the nape of his neck, unchecked. Gentle as the winter sun. Sweet as the pale fruit growing in the Forge’s singular oasis.
A pre-reform Spock.
author:starfleetdicks  one-shot  aos  au  mirrorverse  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
A Temporary Thing - jcp_sob_rjl_lmep
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. Modern AU where the three of them end up being roommates because of coinciding ridiculous circumstances (maybe an indoor pool gone wrong, late night classical music jam sessions, small pet quickly grew into a v large pet - up to you). They don't expect the whole arrangement to even last a month but before they realize it, they've been living together for a year. Aaand probably pining for each other for that long.
author:jcp_sob_rjl_lmep  aos  au  one-shot  first_time  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
My mind, your mind - PeterHaleforAlpha
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. Leonard, Jim, Scotty and Uhura have landed in a strange world, almost like a mirror to their own. Just before they can get back home to their own world Leonard has an unpleasant encounter with the Spock of that world.
author:peterhaleforalpha  aos  mirrorverse  wip  multi-chaptered  established  prompt 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
Sortilege - dewcake
Prompt fill for McSpirk Holiday Fest. They were an odd bunch. Leonard didn’t have a speck of magic in him. Spock had the knowledge and ability to teach at the best magic academies on any plane of existence but willingly worked in some small apothecary. And then there was Jim, who was practically bursting with magic but didn’t want a damn thing to do with it.
author:dewcake  aos  au  one-shot  prompt  pre-ksm 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3
But I Love You - GenericUsername01
A mission went wrong. Kirk was replaced with an android duplicate and stranded, alone, in the ice caves of Exo III. For seven months. Spones + Kirk. When he was finally rescued, he finds that everyone is wary of him, his command has been taken away, and all his friends hate him now. Also, Spock and Bones are dating now, and Jim has never felt more alone, rejected by his best friend, his brother, his loves.
author:genericusername01  aos  one-shot  pre-ksm 
11 weeks ago by ksm_ot3

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