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crowned with gilt thorns - oriflamme - Transformers - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In the normal course of things, young consorts are sheltered, graceful, and demure.

Starscream is not a normal consort. But he's the one that Windblade's stuck with, by her own choice, and Solus help her, her consort he needs to stay.

Even if he does think it's acceptable to suggest assassinating the reigning queen of the court of Caminus in the middle of trade negotiations.
ao3  fandom:Transformers  fusion  fandom:Raksura  het  !_good  pairing:starcream/windblade  via:esther_a 
17 hours ago by Harpijka
Save Me by DiscontentedWinter
Peter is the Alpha.
He's nobody's savior.
Not his pack's. Not his town's. And not that kid's.
But sometimes salvation goes both ways.
peter/stiles  fic  au  ao3  sheriff  teen_wolf 
yesterday by kfic
Impulse and Consequence
Applesandbannas747 - Nick/Seiji, G --- 3,867

Nick drags Seiji to a horror movie, but it becomes clear to him that Seiji isn't a fan. So, he does what any gentlemen would do, and offers Seiji a shoulder to hide in.
ao3  fence  nick/seiji  *g  w.b::2-5k  ;★★☆  dating 
yesterday by we.are.golden
Because the Go Institute Is Full of Cheapskates
Anonymous - Hikaru/Akira, M --- 1,492

At the hotel for this tournament, Hikaru and Akira somehow have ended up with a one-bed room.
ao3  hikago  hikaru/akira  *m  w.a::0-2k  ;★★☆  bedsharing  first  future-fic 
yesterday by we.are.golden
The Bachelor Game
esteefee - Rodney/John, E --- 4,131

Rodney says he's done with wimmin.
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  oblivious  accidental-dating  first  sex  bj  pov-john 
yesterday by we.are.golden
No Dating Here! by lamujerarana
Johnny has no idea what Reed, Ben, and Sue keep going on about. He doesn't have feelings for Spidey at all. He doesn't even know what the guy looks like. And he definitely would never date him.

Or, what starts off as everyone wrongly thinking Johnny's dating Spidey eventually leads to Johnny actually dating Spidey but pretending he isn't because he doesn't want to give his family the satisfaction of knowing they were right.


“You really aren’t going to admit that you’re dating him, are you?” Sue says incredulously. She taps her finger against that very incriminating photo in the tabloid. “You’re kissing him, baby brother, right here.”

“Kissing? Spidey? Me? I would never,” Johnny scoffs, right as he finishes making a date to meet Spidey later that night. “Not in a million years. I am way out of his league. I’m so far above him he can’t even see me.”

Spidey’s going to see plenty of Johnny later tonight, but Sue doesn’t need to know anything about that.
complete  ao3  marvel  spiderman  fantastic4 
yesterday by connie
i do not know where this love will take me
Anonymous - Taichi/Arata, G --- 586

if there's one thing that taichi's never been good at, it's being honest.
ao3  chihayafuru  taichi/arata  *g  w.a::0-2k  ;★★★  first  future-fic  roommates 
2 days ago by we.are.golden
The Trouble with Threesomes and Supernatural Soul Mates by Akira_of_the_Twilight
Peter looked at Stiles from the corner of his blue eyes and smirked. Stiles swore he saw a flash of red Peter’s eyes, but it might of have been his brain’s lack of oxygen making him hallucinate. “I’m looking for my soul mate. Christopher Argent. I believe he volunteered to be taken in for questioning.”

An iron fist clenched Stiles' heart. This man was Argent’s—Christopher’s soul mate?

Stiles stared at the Peter’s wrist, examining every detail of Peter's soul mark. Stiles couldn’t find anything different between his and the blond’s.

Stiles lifted his hand and ghosted his fingers along Peter’s forearm.

It was lightning all over again, and Stiles yanked his hand back, only to have it caught in an unbreakable grip.

Frosty blue eyes burrowed into Stiles', and he couldn’t stop himself from gulping. The smirk on Peter’s lips grew as the corner of his mouth quirked higher, and he drew Stiles’ hand close to his face.

Peter’s nostrils flared slightly as he stared at Stiles’ soul mark. He pulled Stiles forward, pressing soft lips to Stiles wrist.

“Now what would your name be?” Peter purred.
fic  series  au  ao3  peter/stiles/chris  teen_wolf 
2 days ago by kfic
You Belong With Me by ria_green
Iwaizumi dates men who are not Oikawa, and Oikawa goes a little crazy.

That time when Iwaizumi dated every athlete in the anime sports multiverse except his best friend.
fanfic  haikyuu  crossover  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  various.pairings  jealousy  humor  words:20.000-50.000  ao3 
2 days ago by hatinjacket
In April by hiuythn
Tooru dates people and it takes Hajime a while to figure out why he hates it. Like six years.
fanfic  haikyuu  Oikawa/Iwaizumi  jealousy  miscommunication  het  domestic  ao3  ocs  words:20.000-50.000  family 
3 days ago by hatinjacket
Lock the Door
rageprufrock - Rodney/John, E --- 6,655

"You can't possibly be this stupid," is what Rodney finally decides to start with.
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  au  teacher!au  high-school!au  hilarity  pining  timeskip  pov-rodney 
3 days ago by we.are.golden
All My Stars Aligned by Green
Stiles needs to find an alpha ASAP. Actually, the doctors say he really needs two. Damn biology.

Chris and Peter are two alphas in hopeless, doomed love with each other.
fic  series  au  ao3  peter/stiles/chris  teen_wolf 
3 days ago by kfic
Bigfoot Told Me You Were Coming by twothumbsandnostakeincanon (somanyofthekids)
Peter and Chris are on the run when they stumble across Stiles' home in the woods.
fic  au  ao3  peter/stiles/chris  teen_wolf 
3 days ago by kfic
Living On A Wire by oriolevent
What the hell is Stiles supposed to do now that his band's been broken up and Scott's gone solo? Get tangled up with the Hales, of course.
fic  au  ao3  peter/stiles  teen_wolf 
3 days ago by kfic
Two For One by red_crate
Peter’s done it a few times, taking his time until Stiles was shaking, needing to be fucked again. But something about having Chris spread him open to chase after Peter’s come—it feels kinkier, dirtier, and he wants it.
fic  peter/stiles/chris  au  ao3  teen_wolf 
4 days ago by kfic
The Harbour by cywscross
Peter didn't think he'd find a home here. He certainly didn't think he'd find a home with two other men.

Chris and Stiles prove him wrong.
fic  series  au  ao3  peter/stiles/chris  teen_wolf 
4 days ago by kfic
Parade Upon Your Victory by oriolevent
Peter never planned on going back to Beacon Hills. But when his nephew asks for help, how can he refuse? Turns out there are some interesting people in Derek's new pack...and one in particular that catches Peter's eye.

Where trouble leads, Peter will follow - or maybe it's the other way around. He can never keep it straight.
peter/stiles  teen_wolf  fic  au  ao3 
4 days ago by kfic
Spidey of the Nine-Nine by ciaconnaa
“So theoretically,” Peter’s eyes flicker over to their waitress. Miss Indigo with the green hair. “You could cuff our waitress.”

“If she were to come over and hit me over the head with that scalding coffee pot then yes, absolutely.” Jake pauses, clearly thinking over the scenario. “Kinda wish she would. Bet it would be worth it.” He pauses again, shaking his head. “No, no. That’ll hurt.” Another pause. Then a wide grin. “Nah, it’d be worth it!”


Spider-Man joins in on the Nine-Nine's game of Cluedo Catch while simultaneously trying not to give away his identity to Michelle's Uncle Jake. The whole thing is absolutely stressing her out.
installments-complete  ao3  marvel  spiderman  brooklyn99  crossover 
4 days ago by connie
Kass - Rodney/John, E --- 6,497

"Good news," John said, apparently ignoring his question. "Atlantis is returning to Pegasus!"
ao3  sga  mckay/sheppard  *e  w.c::5-10k  ;★★☆  future-fic  flashbacks  back-to-earth  pov-rodney 
5 days ago by we.are.golden

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