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Newly discovered documents show opposition leader, o…
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20 days ago by rebeccarobbins
RT : Quand les bornes sont franchies, il n y a plus de limite. Après la croisade , se fait l avo…
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5 weeks ago by zarkdav
RT : I hope every tweep reads this thread. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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6 weeks ago by kcarruthers
Fake News Is an Oracle
Fake news is an instrument for measuring trauma, and the epistemological incoherence that trauma creates – the justifiable mistrust of the establishment that has nearly murdered our planet and that insists that making the richest among us much, much richer will benefit everyone, eventually.
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7 weeks ago by cpswan
Fear, Misinformation, and Measles Spread in Brooklyn
She told the women how, in 1993, Japan suspended the use of MMR vaccines because of concern about the mumps portion of the vaccine then being used in that country. But during the time in which the vaccine’s use dropped to zero, autism rates kept rising. When Marcus showed the women a graph of the two trends moving in opposite directions, several of them gasped. “That was it for most people in the room,” Marcus says.
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8 weeks ago by equaliser
Amy Brittain on Twitter: "NEW: A myth of the anti-vaccine movement is that it emerged organically through the rise of social media...
NEW: A myth of the anti-vaccine movement is that it emerged organically through the rise of social media. We looked into the $$$ behind the movement and found a well-funded operation, driven largely by one Manhattan couple who gave millions to the cause.
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8 weeks ago by coslinks
How Amazon's Algorithms Curated a Dystopian Bookstore | WIRED
Guardian journalist Julia Carrie Wong recently summarized the anti-vax social media situation in a tweet: “We have a data void, an enthusiasm gap, bad recommendation algorithms, targeted advertising, coordinated harassment, and echo chambers. It’s a giant messy stew of every problem with social media, with very real consequences.”
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9 weeks ago by libbymiller
Digital marketer Mailchimp bans anti-vaccination content • NBC News
Brandy Zadrozny:
<p>The move to block the anti-vaccination rhetoric follows similar actions by other tech companies and comes on the heels of increased pressure from public health advocates and lawmakers on digital platforms to curtail the spread of health misinformation.

“Mailchimp has shut down a number of accounts for anti-vaccination content that violates our Terms of Use, and we’re adding this category to our routine searches for prohibited content,” a Mailchimp spokesperson said in a statement provided to NBC News. “Spreading misinformation about the safety and efficacy of vaccines poses a serious threat to public health and causes real-world harm. We cannot allow these individuals and groups to use our Marketing Platform to spread harmful messages and expand their audiences.”

The company began quietly enforcing this decision last week.

“We trust the world’s leading health authorities, like the CDC, WHO, and the AAP, and follow their guidance when assessing this type of misuse of our platform,” the spokesperson said, referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Vaccine misinformation that had once been allowed to flourish on the fringes of many mainstream internet destinations has come under growing scrutiny in the past six months, particularly as health officials have warned about the resurgence of some preventable diseases.</p>

Fascinating contrast with Facebook (inc Instagram), YouTube and Twitter, which have been pretty indifferent to complaints about such content. Mailchimp once stopped an edition of The Overspill (it goes out by email! You can get it in your inbox!) because it contained a reference to b*tco*n (I'm taking no chances) and they thought I was touting crypto~mumble~cies.

We seem to be approaching a point where not all content is created equal.
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9 weeks ago by charlesarthur

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